Ito-kanko Freepass

Izu is one of Japan's most famous onsen (hot spring) areas. The Ito-kanko Freepass, valid for 2 days, takes you to Ito, the gateway city, which offers numerous hot springs, art and other museums and many other attractions. The Ito-kanko Freepass combines round-trip transport from Tokyo on the Odakyu, JR Tokaido and JR Ito Lines with a Tokai Bus ticket allowing you to stop over as you please, and discount admission to various local tourist sites. This saves you time and the trouble of frequent ticket purchasing, which foreign visitors can find difficult. Enjoy convenient and pleasant travel to Ito with the Ito-kanko Freepass.

  • Highlights

    Ito Marin Town that offers local food and souvenirs

    The Kadowaki Suspension Bridge in Jogasaki will turn your legs to jelly.

    A wealth of fresh seafood

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    Fares and service guide

    Round-trip ticket of Odakyu Line (your departing station-Odawara) and JR Line (Odawara-Ito)
    You can stop over as many times as you like on specified Tokai Bus routes within the Ito area

    • *The round-trip ticket covers only one round trip on the Odakyu and JR Lines, respectively.
    • *An additional fee is charged when you take train lines other than those specified.


    Departure station Adults Children
    Shinjuku 4,400 yen 2,190 yen
    Machida 3,820 yen 1,910 yen


    Valid for 2days

    Where to buy

    Each Freepass can be purchased at the following locations.

  • Facilities where you can receive a discount

    Holders of the Ito-kanko Freepass can get discount entrance tickets to the following facilities:

    • Lift at Mt. Komuro
    • Lift at Mt. Omuro
    • Ikeda Museum of 20th Century Art
    • Jogasaki Ethnic Museum
    • Doll's House "Soleil"
    • Izu Glass & Craft Museum
    • Marchen Art Museum
    • Izu Ippekiko Museum
    • Wax Doll Museum
    • Cat Museum
    • Izu Highland Angel Museum
    • Izu Highland Museum of Decorative Art of Paris
    • Judy Wong Museum
    • Izu Teddy Bear Museum
    • Izu Granpal Park
    • Izu Cactus Garden
    • Ito Marin Town Seaside Spa

From Shinjuku to Ito

Odakyu Limited Express "Romancecar" (Shinjuku-Odawara) / Approx. 70 minutes
*Limited express surcharges are required in addition to Freepasses for Romancecar rides.
JR line (Odawara-(Atami)-Ito) / Approx. 50 minutes
*Passengers may need to transfer at Atami Station depending on the trains they ride.
*Limited express surcharges are required in addition to Freepasses for Odoriko rides.

By paying the limited express surcharge, Freepass holders are free to relax in the comfortable, reservations only, Romancecar.