Map of tour from Shinjuku

Traveling to key tourist spots from Shinjuku

To Ginza

Long known as the most prestigious shopping district, Ginza features domestic and international big-name brand shops inside an area that stretches about 1km in every direction. The main street, Chuo-dori, bustles with activities as it becomes a pedestrian-only zone on Saturdays, Sundays and the afternoons of national holidays.

Shinjuku - Ginza
Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line / Approx. 15 minutes

To Shibuya

Alongside Shinjuku, the incredibly popular Shibuya area leads the way for youth fashion and is a cultural hotspot, with countless movie theaters and music venues. There are many large commercial facilities here, and the streets surrounding Shibuya Station each have a different atmosphere to attract people from every age group.

Shinjuku - Shibuya
JR Yamate Line / Approx. 7 minutes

To Asakusa

The atmosphere of Edo-period Japan can be sensed at every turn in Asakusa, a historic business district built a long time ago around Senso-ji Temple near the Sumida River estuary in eastern Tokyo. Tourists are drawn in by "Nakamise", the symbol of Asakusa, a road crowded with countless shops that links Senso-ji Temple and the Kaminarimon Gate, which features a huge lantern.

Shinjuku - Kanda - Asakusa (main route course, with transfer stations where applicable)
JR Chuo Line (Shinjuku - Kanda) / Approx. 11 minutes; Tokyo Metro Ginza Line (Kanda - Asakusa) / Approx. 10 minutes

To Harajuku

Harajuku is a town that comfortably combines popularity with calmness. Omotesando features rows of fashion buildings, boutiques, restaurants and cafes, and the stores on Takeshita-dori are popular throughout the year with customers in their early teens. On the other hand, the nearby Meiji Jingu Shrine is blessed with a rich natural environment.

Shinjuku - Harajuku (main route course, with transfer stations where applicable)
JR Chuo Line / Approx. 4 minutes

To Roppongi

Roppongi is a shopping district also renowned for its nightlife. Foreign tourists and foreign residents of Japan meet at the many bars, nightclubs and restaurants serving various foreign cuisines. Since the establishment of Roppongi Hills and Tokyo Midtown, refined stores and events have made up the daytime attractions.

Shinjuku - Roppongi
Toei Oedo Line / Approx. 9 minutes

To Akihabara

Akihabara started out as a location for shops selling radio and transceiver parts and has since become the world's largest town for sales of electronic goods and consumer electronics. Fans from all over the world now come for the manga, anime, video game and computer-related stores.

Shinjuku - Ochanomizu - Akihabara
JR Chuo Line (Shinjuku - Ochanomizu) / Approx. 9 minutes; JR Sobu Line (Ochanomizu - Akihabara) / Approx. 2 minutes

To Ikebukuro

Ikebukuro is a welcoming and diverse town full of energy. The 60-storey commercial facility Sunshine City, which has an aquarium and a planetarium, is located in the shopping district outside the East Exit of JR Ikebukuro Station. Also, the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space and University is located at the West Exit, showing off the cultural aspects of the city.

Shinjuku - Ikebukuro
JR Yamate Line / Approx. 8 minutes

To Odaiba

A futuristic cityscape opens up from the windows of "Yurikamome", the unmanned automatic railway that runs through Odaiba, creating an atmosphere unlike anywhere else. Vast numbers of people come for the commercial facilities at Aqua City Odaiba and Venus Fort, and to enjoy tours around the Fuji TV headquarters and Tokyo Big Sight.

Shinjuku - Akasakamitsuke - Shimbashi - Odaiba
Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line (Shinjuku - Akasakamitsuke) / Approx. 10 minutes, Tokyo Metro Ginza Line (Akasakamitsuke - Shimbashi) / Approx. 6 minutes
Yurikamome (Shimbashi - Odaiba) / Approx. 15 minutes

Shinjuku - Akasakamitsuke - Odaiba - Tokyo Teleport
JR Saikyo Line - (Direct) - Rinkai Line / Approx. 22 minutes (Shinjuku - Osaki Approx. 11 minutes / Osaki - Tokyo Teleport Approx. 11 minutes)

To Tokyo Skytree®

Tokyo Skytree® is the new must-visit destination in Tokyo. At a height of 643m, it is recognized as the world's tallest independent radio tower by the Guinness Book of Records. The view from the observation floor is magnificent, and tourists are also attracted by above-ground commercial facilities located in "TOKYO Solamachi®" .

Shinjuku - Kanda - Asakusa - Tokyo Skytree
JR Chuo Line (Shinjuku - Kanda) / Approx. 11 minutes, Tokyo Metro Ginza Line (Ginza - Asakusa) / Approx. 10 minutes, Tobu Skytree Line (Asakusa - Tokyo Skytree) / Approx. 3 minutes

Shinjuku - Otemachi - Oshiage (Skytree)
Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line (Shinjuku - Otemachi) / Approx. 20 minutes, Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line (Otemachi - Oshiage (Skytree)) / Approx. 15 minutes

Shinsen Shinjuku - Bakuroyokoyama/Higashinihonbashi - Oshiage (Skytree)
Toei Subway Shinjuku Line (Shinsen Shinjuku - Bakuroyokoyama) / Approx. 15 minutes, On foot (Bakuroyokoyama - Higashinihonbashi) / Approx. 5 minutes, Toei Subway Asakusa Line (Higashinihonbashi - Oshiage (Skytree)) / Approx. 7 minutes