Special Features Feature on hot springs and healing places to enjoy on the outskirts of Tokyo

Hot springs are a typical aspect of Japanese culture. Hot springs are particularly good for warming one's body in wintertime, as well as for moisturizing dry skin! Come and try a hot spring - they are great for beauty and health.

With more than 3,000 hot springs in Japan (*1), and countless books published about them, the connection between hot springs and people's lives has long been part of Japanese culture. But hot springs are not just about warming up your body. Various illnesses and injuries can be healed by means of hot spring water. Such treatment methods have been used since ancient times to develop "hot spring cures". These days, hot spring water quality is a matter of research, and there are many hot springs which are said to bring about "beautiful skin".

  • *1: From the Ministry of the Environment Hot Spring Usage Summary 2010

Introducing regions where hot springs can be enjoyed in the outskirts of Tokyo!

"Hakone" is always highly regarded in hot spring rankings. It takes 80 minutes to reach "Hakone-Yumoto" when riding the Odakyu Limited Express "Romancecar" from Shinjuku in Tokyo. Conveniently, there is no need to change trains when going from Shinjuku. We will also introduce you to "Enospa" in the Enoshima area, which has a year-round atmosphere like a beach resort, as well as treatment spas in the center of Shinjuku where you can spend time luxuriously.

  • SPOT1 Hakone
  • SPOT2 Enoshima
  • SPOT3 Ito
HAKONE AREA ENOSHIMA-KAMAKURA AREA IZU AREA Tokyo AREA Experience the finest quality therapy while in Tokyo

SPOT1 The highly popular Hakone hot spring area

There are so many hot springs in Hakone that it seems like there is a whole mountain full of hot springs. There are as many as 17 hot springs in the main hot spring area of Hakone alone, including "Hakone-Yumoto", where the Odakyu Limited Express "Romancecar" arrives, and these are referred to as the "17 Hakone Hot Springs". The number of high-quality hot springs and the superiority of the spring water are factors making hot springs in Hakone so popular. As the type of spring water varies at each hot spring, why not visit a number of hot springs in Hakone and compare them? Of course, another reason why so many people come here is for the beautiful scenery that can be enjoyed in each of the four seasons.

Map of 17 baths Odakyu Line Route Map Download the map
Experience the varying benefits of the "17 Hakone baths" A careful classification of hot springs in Hakone includes 20 different types, from simple alkaline hot springs and common salt springs (sodium-chloride springs) to gypsum springs (calcium and sulfuric acid) and beyond. Please refer to the table for a simple overview of spring water components found in the four main types of hot spring included in the 17 Hakone baths. You should be able to find a bath that suits you by deciding which will have the best effect - something you can only do in Hakone! 
[Chloride springs(Cuts, burns, chronic skin diseases, chronic women's diseases, poor constitutions): Yumoto, Ohiradai, Dogashima, Miyanoshita, Sokokura, Kiga, Kowakudani, Nino-taira onsen, Gora, Miyagino]
[Hydrosulfide springs(Arteriosclerosis, cuts, burns, chronic skin diseases): Nino-taira onsen, Gora, Yunohanazawa, Ashinoyu, Takokawa, Ubako, Sengokuhara]
[Sulfur springs(Chronic skin diseases, chronic women's diseases, cuts, diabetes): Ashinoyu, Lake Ashi onsen, Sengokuhara]
[Pure springs(Ordinary indication): Yumoto, Tonosawa, Ohiradai, Dogashima, Miyanoshita, Sokokura, Kiga, Kowakudani, Nino-taira onsen,  Gora, Miyagino, Ashinoyu, Lake Ashi onsen, Takokawa, Ubako, Sengokuhara]
Recommended hot springs

This is an introduction to the recommended locations for hot spring facilities that allow bathing costumes, genuine open-air hot spring baths, and accommodation guest rooms with open-air baths.

Getting to Hakone The Odakyu Limited Express "Romancecar" is very convenient from Shinjuku, Tokyo.
The useful Hakone Freepass For details
Chloride springs Day return Bathing suit Open air

Hot spring parks you can enjoy in a bathing costume (A)Hakone Kowaki-en Yunessun

"Hakone Kowaki-en Yunessun" is a unique theme park that utilizes the wealth of hot spring water in Hakone. The park is divided into normal bathing areas, which center on authentic open-air hot spring baths, and areas where bathing costumes may be worn.
The normal bathing area, "Mori No Yu", features spacious open-air hot spring baths, including cypress baths, stoneware baths and bed baths, so that you can relax in comfort.
The bathing suit area is ideal for people who are new to Japanese hot springs, and much like a swimming pool, it allows families and friends to freely enter the hot springs together. You can enjoy 19 different types of bath, including one with a Mediterranean motif, a wine bath, a green tea spa, a Japanese sake spa, and a coffee spa.
Facilities include a swimsuit rental shop (extra payment required) for peace of mind, so you will be fine even if you forgot to bring your own bathing costume.

There is a wide range of shopping and dining establishments, so you can take your time and enjoy a complete day of relaxation at this resort facility.


80 minutes by Odakyu Limited Express "Romancecar" from Shinjuku Station to Hakone-Yumoto Station
Approx. 20 minutes by "Hakone Tozan Bus" (Route H) from Hakone-Yumoto Station, getting off at "Yunessan-mae" Bus Stop


TEL : +81-460-82-4126
URL : https://www.yunessun.com/en/

Pure springs Lodging Guest rooms have open-air baths Open air

Make the most of the beauty baths! Experience Japan with an open-air hot spring bath-equipped guest room (B)Odakyu Hotel Hatsuhana

"Hotel Hatsuhana" stands close to the mountains near Hakone-Yumoto Station. Views of Mt. Yusaka and the murmuring of the Sukumo River encircle the area, which gives the feeling of a completely natural journey. Female guests will be delighted with the "beauty bath", filled with alkaline simple hot spring water with a high ph-value and the spring well is owned by the hotel. Other facilities that are ideal for female guests include the women-only "Yamazakura" spa, which features open-air hot spring baths, sleeping baths and a relaxation salon. You can enjoy all of these wonderful hot springs to yourself in a room with an open-air bath. The room is exclusively for personal use, so you can experience these hot springs in comfort and privacy.

  • *There is a limited number of rooms with open-air baths. Please book early. You can relax in a male- or female-only large open-air bath in completely natural scenery while listening to the flow the nearby river.

Enjoy unique Japanese hospitality, including Japanese food and Yukata room wears.


80 minutes by Odakyu Limited Express "Romancecar" from Shinjuku Station to Hakone-Yumoto Station
10 minutes by "Hakone Tozan Bus" (Route K) or Yumoto Ryokan-kumiai Circuit Bus from Hakone-Yumoto Station, getting off at "Hotel Hatsuhana-mae" Bus Stop


TEL : +81-460-85-7321
URL : www.odakyu-hotel.co.jp/hatsuhana/english/

Pure springs Day return Open air

Five sources for 7 types of bath (C)Yunosato Okada

The day-trip-only "Yunosato Okada" hot spring has five sources producing a huge amount of hot spring water in order to welcome you with various spas, including open-air hot springs baths, jacuzzis, and plasma water. The slightly elevated location has some stunning scenery, and the moon and stars can be viewed at night while enjoying a hot spring bath.
Apart from the baths, there are also restaurants, lounges and massage rooms so that you can relax with ease. We recommend our private rooms when you want the comfort of a reserved lounge or bath (fees apply). Access is from Hakone-Yumoto by shuttle bus at a cost of 100 yen (get off at Hotel Okada). As it takes only 20 minutes by foot, you can also get a feel for Japanese culture and nature as you walk through the valley to the hot spring area of Hakone-Yumoto.


80 minutes by Odakyu Limited Express "Romancecar" from Shinjuku Station to Hakone-Yumoto Station
About 5 minutes by Hotel Shuttle Bus, getting off at "Hotel Hatsuhana" Bus Stop, or a 20-minute walk from Hakone-Yumoto Station


TEL : +81-460-85-3955
URL : http://www.yunosato-y.jp/

Pure springs Lodging Day return

Enjoy nature in each season right in front of you in alpine hot springs (D)Odakyu Hakone Lake Hotel

Odakyu Hakone Lake Hotel looks out from on high across Hakone's renowned Lake Ashi tourist attraction. The forest that encloses the peaceful alpine surroundings is a perfectly serene location.
Accommodation is available, and the hot spring baths can be enjoyed by guests and non-guests during the day between 11:00 and 16:00. Immerse yourself in an exceptional hot spring bath while savoring the view across the Hakone countryside from the large window in the baths. Bathing during springtime is also famed for its view of rhododendrons in full bloom in the garden. You can also enjoy the alpine hot spring area at your leisure in the free lobby after taking a bath. Why not combine your visit with sightseeing in the Lake Ashi area?

  • *In April, 2013, YUBO – MAYU NO MORI reopens!
    Enjoy the delights of this outdoor bath space, with its tent-shaped sauna designed in a "cocoon" ("MAYU" in Japanese) motif.


80 minutes by Odakyu Limited Express "Romancecar" from Shinjuku Station to Hakone-Yumoto Station
About 35 minutes by "Hakone Tozan Bus" (Route T) bound for Togendai, getting off at "Hakone Lake Hotel-mae" Bus Stop


TEL : +81-460-84-7611
URL : www.hakone-lakehotel.com (japanese only)

Pure springs Lodging Day return

Experience the finest baths at an elegant resort hotel (E)Hotel De Yama

Hotel De Yama has the elegant appearance of a typical aristocratic villa. While there is a sense of history throughout, the interior is modern and there are plenty of services on offer, ensuring that guests will be fully satisfied with the extensive hospitality at this resort.
The hot spring "Azalea bath" at Hotel De Yama will please female guests as the simple alkaline water is said to be "water for beautiful skin." Why not immerse yourself in water for smooth skin? You can enjoy revitalization from your travel weariness in one of the various baths, including open-air hot spring baths, jet baths, and bubble baths, while enjoying the view of Hakone's wooded countryside from the window of the bath.
Guest rooms feature a view of the scrupulously maintained garden, which can be enjoyed in any season. At dinner, guests may choose between French or Japanese cuisine using seasonal ingredients. This hotel offers a more refined stay in Hakone.


80 minutes by Odakyu Limited Express "Romancecar" from Shinjuku Station to Hakone-Yumoto Station
40 minutes by "Hakone Tozan Bus" (Route H), getting off at "Moto-Hakone-ko" Bus Stop, 5 minutes by free shuttle bus or a 15-minute walk from Moto-Hakone-ko


TEL : +81-460-83-6321
URL : www.odakyu-hotel.co.jp/yama-hotel/english/

Hydrosulfide springs Lodging Day return Open air

Enjoy Lake Ashi right in front of you from a hot spring (F)The Prince Hakone Lake Ashinoko

The Prince Hakone Lake Ashinoko is a hotel located directly in front of Lake Ashi. Hot spring baths may be used by visitors as well as guests (12:00 - 16:00), so you can rest up after traveling. Take in the views of Lake Ashi from the popular open-air bath, which has an ambience of freedom. There is a lunch and hot spring set available, so you can also enjoy the taste of classic Japanese food. The authentic French cuisine set using local ingredients is another popular choice. The hotel also features a treatment spa with the concept of Japanese hospitality, so why not come and rest your body in the Hakone countryside?


80 minutes by Odakyu Limited Express "Romancecar" from Shinjuku to Hakone-Yumoto to 65 minutes by IZUHAKONE Bus from Moto-Hakone-ko, getting off at The Prince Hakone Lake Ashinoko or Hakone-en


TEL : +81-460-83-1111
URL : www.princehotels.com/en/the_prince_hakone/

Avoid confusion when you going to a hot spring How to use Japanese hot springs! Japanese hot spring baths are taken together with many other people, so it is different to taking a bath at home. Check out these key points for bathing so you can enter with confidence, even if it is your first time! (1) Hydrate yourself before entering the bath (2) Do not wear a swimming costume or underwear when bathing (3) Only enter the bath after washing your body with the "washing water" provided (4) Do not wash your body in the bath (5) Do not put your towel in the bath water (6) You are not allowed to swim, even in the larger baths (7) Take care not to stay inside hot baths too long (8) Enter the dressing room only after you have dried your body with a towel

SPOT2 Enoshima - the closest beach resort to Tokyo

Fashionable cafes and shops line the coastal outskirts of Enoshima, which bustles with activity in the summer as visitors come to swim in the sea. Enoshima sticks out from that coast. A lighthouse known as "Seacandle" stands on top of the island, and there are many other things to see too. Access from Shinjuku, Tokyo is by Odakyu Limited Express "Romancecar", getting off at Katase-Enoshima, and takes about 60 minutes. We will introduce the hot springs at that beach resort.

Recommended hot springs

Hot springs in Enoshima provide unique views of the sea. Here, you can enjoy hot springs that have a different feel to those of mountainous Hakone.

Access to Enoshima Odakyu Limited Express "Romancecar" is useful when traveling from Shinjuku, Tokyo. For details
Odakyu Line Route Map Download the map
Chloride springs Day return Bathing suit Open air

Hot spring and pool resort facilities for beauty and health (G)Enoshima Island Spa "Enospa"

"Enospa" can be seen immediately to the right after crossing the Enoshima Ohashi bridge that leads to Enoshima. The inside is divided into a hot spring area and a pool area. Genuine hot springs can be enjoyed in the hot spring area.
The natural source of the water lies 1,500m below ground, and you can enjoy the nice view of sea while bathing.
The pool area are ideal for families and couples as swimming costumes are worn. It has been divided into three unique areas: the bright and open indoor area, the outdoor area that overlooks the sea and the sky, and the cave area. You can relax in any of the differently-themed areas. (Between December and February, "Gensen" on the second floor outdoor area, "color spring" and "Takiizumi" in the first floor cave area are closed for business.)
There are numerous relaxation facilities aside from the hot spring pools, and you may also like to indulge in some treatments. (Partial membership system)
Foods to look forward to include a choice of gourmet restaurants serving fresh seafood and local ingredients, and Japan's famous conveyor-belt sushi.
Mt. Fuji can be seen from afar on clear days.


60 minutes by Odakyu Limited Express "Romancecar" from Shinjuku Station to Katase-Enoshima Station
A 10-minute walk from Katase-Enoshima Station


TEL : +81-466-29-0688
URL : www.enospa.jp (japanese only)

SPOT3 Ito - a historic peninsula with countless hot springs

Ito is an International Tourism Cultural City of hot springs located on the Izu Peninsula, which juts out into the Pacific Ocean, where you can enjoy fresh seafood and more. The Izu area has countless hot springs, and the sea that encircles the peninsula creates some stunning scenery.
Bathing in the hot springs on the east side of the Izu Peninsula while watching the sunrise is a uniquely Ito experience.

Access to Ito Take the Odakyu Limited Express "Romancecar" from Shinjuku Station and change to the JR Ito Line at Odawara. The Ito Sightseeing Freepass is a useful discount return ticket set. For details
Odakyu Line Route Map Download the map
Pure springs Day return

Hot springs in historic and traditional Japanese wooden buildings (H)Tokaikan

"Tokaikan" is a historic building that has been designated as a cultural property by Ito City. Conservation repairs were carried out on the building, which was a hot spring ryokan between 1928 and 1997, and it is now open to public as a traditional Japanese wooden structure.
The hot spring baths inside the building have a retro atmosphere, as the original architectural style is maintained by using tiling around the large bath.
The sculpture from which water flows to the bath is also an old artifact. Have a look at it while you are bathing.
Relish the fact that the hot spring is supplied by Kakenagashi as its water spring. We recommend walking from Ito Station to Tokaikan along Yu-no-hana dori, which is steeped in the atmosphere of this historic hot spring area.


A 10-minute walk from Ito Station on the JR Ito Line


TEL : +81-557-36-2004
URL : itospa.com/feature/tokaikan/ (japanese only)

Chloride springs Day return Open air

A view of the sea in front of your eyes. Hot spring water gushes out from 1,000m below ground. (I)Seaside Spa

"Seaside spa" is a hot spring for daily visits in "Ito Marine Town", a shopping and dining complex along the coast of Ito. The excellent views from the hot spring baths at Seaside Spa look out onto the ocean.
You can enjoy large, terraced baths, open-air baths, and aroma baths, which use plentiful water supplies from 1,000m below ground.
Relax and be refreshed with the wide view of the sea! Opening hours are from early in the morning, so you can enjoy an exceptional view of the sunrise over the sea while bathing. Enjoy dining and shopping in the restaurants and shops of Ito Marine Town.


5 minutes by Tokai Bus to "Marine Town" from Ito Station on the JR Ito Line


TEL : +81-557-38-1811
URL : www.ito-marinetown.co.jp (japanese only)

Experience the finest quality therapy while in Tokyo

Here, we will introduce you to a spa that you can enjoy in Tokyo if you haven't got time to travel further. The location is "SPA & WELLNESS Joule" in "Hyatt Regency Tokyo", Shinjuku, Tokyo. This treatment spot will optimize your mental and physical condition.

Hospitality of the highest order in a luxury setting to refresh your body and spirit (J)Hyatt Regency SPA & WELLNESS Joule

"SPA & WELLNESS Joule" can be found as the penthouse spa in the Hyatt Regency Tokyo hotel in Shinjuku, Tokyo. You will be welcomed to a space that is completely at odds with the skyscrapers that enclose the area. Hand treatments using natural ingredients such as energy essences, organic clays and natural sea salts are used to refresh your body and spirit.
When calling to make a reservation, a therapist will guide you to find a treatment suited to your physical condition, which is reassuring if you are unsure about which course to choose. If you have sufficient time, the treatment is highly effective after light exercise in the fitness gym, pool, or whirlpool. A highlight of your trip will be leaving the normal behind as you revel in this luxury experience.

Odakyu Line Route Map Download the map


A 9-minute walk from the West Exit of Shinjuku Station, 5 minutes by shuttle bus from the West Exit


TEL : +81-3-3348-1234
URL : www.hyattregencytokyo.com/facilities/joule/ (japanese only)