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About the services provided

The "Odakyu transfer/fare search" (hereinafter abbreviated as "this service") provides transfer/fare search services via the systems of Navitime Japan Co., Ltd. based on timetable data from Odakyu Electric Railway Co., Ltd.

About service information

This service does not take into account special trains, seasonal trains, or disturbances caused to services due to accidents, weather conditions or transport circumstances, etc. Please also be aware that connections cannot be guaranteed in cases of schedule disturbance.

At any rate, please use the search results from this service only as a general guide. While data is thoroughly checked before provision, we nevertheless recommend confirming details in advance at the relevant station, as search results are not guaranteed.

About usage environment

Operating environments and browser recommendations for viewing the search result pages of this service conform to the standards of Navitime Japan Co., Ltd. Recommended environment for viewing:

Recommended browsers

  • Internet Explorer 7,8,9
  • Firefox Latest edition
  • *The browsers mentioned above are all for Windows.

If your browser is not configured to use JavaScript, the following functions will be unavailable.

Operating restrictions when JavaScript is not enabled

  • Frame height will not be displayed properly
  • Station name suggestion function will not operate in repeat searches on the transfer search results screen
  • Repeat search button on the transfer search results screen cannot be pressed
  • Itemized display of commuter passes will not be possible
  • Transfer results printing screen cannot be displayed
  • Transition to holiday timetable will not run correctly

In order to use the functions listed above, please enable JavaScript and then search again from the repeat search entry screen.


For details regarding other items not mentioned on this page, please check the policy provided at the Odakyu Electric Railway website (link below).

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