Guide to online purchasing /
vacant seat browsing for Limited Express "Romancecar" (e-Romancecar)

Q&A regarding e-Romancecar

Reservations and ticket purchases

When departure/arrival stations overlap on the same day, limited express reservations can be placed for one train only.

Reservations can be placed from 10:00 one month before the bording date until 45 minutes before the time of departure, and purchases can be made from 10:00 one month before the bording date until the time of departure.

*Japan standard time

Seat numbers for observation deck seats, saloon seats, and general seats can be selected from the seat map (excluding some seats).

*General seats can be selected from the seat map up to 45 minutes before departure times.

Please complete the purchase procedure by cell-phone/computer or at a ticket vending machine/station office before the purchase deadline. Reservation information will be automatically deleted if the purchase deadline elapses without procedure having been completed.

*Japan standard time

Cancellations and refunds

No cancellation fee will be charged for cancellation of reserved limited express tickets. Please cancel so as to enable others to reserve seats.

Refunds can also be requested via computer or cell-phone. In this case, a refund handling charge of 100 yen per seat (400 yen per saloon) will be received.

Since credit card payment procedure is carried out for each purchase, the same handling charges apply as for purchases made at station offices.

Since payments are made by credit, the refunds may be made on the bank transfer date after the next bank transfer date on which refund procedure was carried out.


As well as the limited express ticket, please also purchase a standard ticket to your destination.
In addition, when using the Limited Express “Romancecar”, you will also need to be carrying your electronic ticket information and the credit card you used for payment.

There is no need to file a claim. The full amount will be refunded automatically.

If the purchaser is not personally scheduled to travel, the purchaser must take the electronic ticket information and credit card used for payment to the station in advance, receive tickets, and pass the tickets on to those who are traveling.