Odakyu Romancecar


The Romancecar EXE begins its operation with
renewed style as the “EXEα
The silver color exterior gives a sharp and lucid
image, and the cabin space interior is designed
for tranquility and comfortableness.
This is a realization of the evolving efforts to
meet the needs of our customers.

Operation starts on March 1, 2017




Video introduction of
the renewal process

The EXE has been in its service for twenty years since it was commissioned in 1996. The train car composition can be flexibly adjusted to both six-car and four-car trains, which makes it possible for this train to be used for various types of services not only for sightseeing but for other uses, including commuting and shopping. See the processes leading up to the renewal.



Introduction of EXEα features


The image of Romancecar is
carefully preserved.

The major points for the exterior renewal are the combination of two colors of sharp, lucid moonlight silver with deep metallic grey, and a vermillion-orange band that symbolizes the Romancecar series. It has been designed to leave a stylish impression on the passengers.


Natural designs were incorporated,
focusing on comfortableness.

The beige color of seats and the ceiling are intended to be in bright tones. Bright atmosphere of the cabin is further added with the combined use of direct/indirect lighting systems. Blue color is adopted for the head covers and the both sides of a seat, while grey color is used for the curtains, and the brown color for walls and floors. Pursuit of tranquil, comfortable atmosphere is not forgotten.


Improved facilities based on the
consideration.of various needs.

A dedicated luggage space for suitcases is newly established in consideration of passengers who are sightseeing. And multipurpose restrooms as well as warm water washing toilet seats have been newly installed for those with small children or in wheelchairs. Improved safety is also included in the renewed points: barrier-free spaces and the installation of security cameras.


Smart and
convenient items that
make your trip comfortable.

A handle you can easily hold for assisting your standing up or sitting down has been installed in the seat which has been highly praised for its comfortableness. A hook for hanging an umbrella has been attached in addition to the baggage hook.


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