Winter Campaign 2016 Travel around Japan with Odakyu! Shinjuku/Hakone/Enoshima, Kamakura/Ito(izu)

Special Movie

Trip around area of Shinjuku, Enoshima, and Hakone Using Odakyu Electric Railway by Taiwan’s famous blogger.
Shinjuku, Enoshima, and Hakone’s recommended spots are fully loaded in the movie.

During Chinese New Year, experience Japan with the Odakyu Group!

Point1 Many bargain events and discount coupons during this season!

Odakyu is set to hold the "winter campaign 2016", the newest in its annual series of campaigns held in the areas of Shinjuku, Hakone, Enoshima, Kamakura and Ito (Izu) for the duration of the Lunar New Year (Spring Festival period) celebrated throughout East Asia. We hope you will enjoy a fantastic journey with Japanese cultural events and our distribution of various coupons for special privileges!

Point2 perfect for first-time visitors! Ask at our special information counter in the Odakyu Sightseeing Service Center

Located at the West Exit of Shinjuku Station, the Odakyu Sightseeing Service Center offers travel and transportation information for Hakone, Enoshima, Ito and other fun destinations. It also distributes valuable Freepasses and coupons. Be sure to stop by before your next adventure! Use the all-you-can-ride, coupon-packed Freepass to make your trip an even better value! Created just for non-Japanese tourists, the Center is staffed with English, Chinese and Korean speakers, and in addition to giving tourist and transportation information, sells Limited Express Romancecar tickets, Freepasses and more.

Discount coupons with various offers available now!

■ Period of availability:

■ Available from:
Shinjuku and Odawara Sightseeing Service Centers

Receive a special washcloth (made in Japan) with your purchase of a Hakone Freepass, etc.
*Quantities are limited.

Point3 Ride vehicles on tours of popular areas as much as you like with our free pass

Odakyu Freepass is the economical excursion ticket for travel to Hakone, Kamakura and Enoshima, and Ito areas. It is indispensable for enjoying those renowned sightseeing spots in Japan. Odakyu Freepass combines return transportation on the Odakyu Line and other railways with a ticket allowing you to board and exit as you like within specified areas. In essence, it eliminates the bother of frequent ticket purchases. Enjoy convenient and efficient travel from Tokyo (Shinjuku) to sightseeing spots in these areas with Odakyu Freepass.

Hakone Freepass

5,140 yen (from Shinjuku Station)<valid for 2 days>*Some valid for 3 days.

Round trip ticket for the Odakyu Line (from the departure station to Odawara) + free to take as many rides as you want in a specified area + special offers at facilities / discounts on rates / discounts on fares

A new Hakone Tozan Train car

Get on board and enjoy viewing the vast nature of Hakone through a huge window!

Point4 Take a special and comfortable trip on the Limited Express 'Romancecar'

The Limited Express Romancecar, connecting Shinjuku, Hakone and Enoshima, is perfect for a fun trip. From Shinjuku to Hakone-Yumoto takes about 85 minutes, and from Shinjuku to Katase-Enoshima takes 65 minutes, so getting you to your destination takes almost no time. What’s more, every seat is reserved! The Romancecar promises a comfortable train journey every time!
* In addition to regular ticket (or Freepass), a limited express surcharge are required to ride the Romancecar.

Fare (limited express surcharge + normal fare) Shinjuku ⇔ Hakone-Yumoto: 2,080 yen one way for adults
Shinjuku ⇔ Katase-Enoshima: 1,250 yen one way for adults


Present a coupon inside the Romancecar to get ¥100 off certain non-alcoholic beverages (one per customer per coupon).

  • Note: Not all Romancecar trains are staffed by attendants.

Point5 For hotels in Hakone and Shinjuku, tickets and tours departing from Tokyo, leave everything to us!


    There are plenty of attractions on offer along the Odakyu Lines, including one of Japan's most famous trend-setting hot spots, Shinjuku, or there's Hakone where you can simply enjoy the hot springs (onsen) with a majestic view of Mount Fuji; and to chill out you'll find the oasis of Enoshima and Kamakura located just outside the hustle and bustle of Tokyo.

  • Area map ~Shinjuku・Hakone・Enoshima and Kamakura・Ito (Izu)~

    Area map
  • Odakyu Sightseeing Service Center

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    Business hours: 8:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.Information on the Sightseeing Service Center

  • Discount coupons with various offers available now!

    ■ Period of availability:

    ■ Available from:
    Shinjuku and Odawara Sightseeing Service Centers

  • For package tour applications, through Odakyu travel.