Romancecar Lineup

Romancecar Lineup

This page describes the trains used to provide service on ODAKYU ELECTRIC RAILWAY's Romancecar.
Each train has its own seating arrangement and services designed for passenger pleasure.

Limited Express Romancecar70000 series GSE

Limited Express Romancecar 70000 series GSE

The observation deck seats provide excellent viewing of the vibrant scenery, and the consecutive windows along the car side allow passengers to enjoy the scenery that flows by throughout the seasons. This series was designed with plenty of space for suitcases and other large baggage, and takes into consideration universal design for accessibility, meeting the needs of a wide range of passengers.

Limited Express Romancecar60000 series MSE

Limited Express Romancecar 60000 series MSE

The cars are painted a Vermeer blue that shines brightly even underground, with a vermillion-orange band that symbolizes the Romancecar series. The train interior is elegantly designed with LED lighting and wine-red carpets.
A selection of amenities are provided for your comfort, including multipurpose restrooms open to all passengers. To ensure a quiet ride, totally-enclosed type traction motors are fitted to reduce noise.

This model was introduced in March 2008 as the first limited express train with reserved seats for service on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda line.
On weekdays it runs as a business limited express linking the Tokyo Metro that runs through Tokyo with the Odakyu Line. On weekdays and holidays it runs as a sightseeing superexpress linking Kitasenju and Hakone-Yumoto.

  • Went into service on March 15, 2008
  • ODAKYU ELECTRIC RAILWAY Co., Ltd. was awarded a commendation in the rolling stock category at the 10th Brunel Awards, a prominent international design competition.
  • In 2008, it won a Good Design Award from the Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization.
  • Winner of the 2009 Blue Ribbon Award

Limited Express Romancecar30000 series EXEα

Limited Express Romancecar 30000 series EXEα

The ROMANCECAR EXEα ("ekseh alpha") 30000 series debuted in March 2017. It was conceived as a minor upgrade of the ROMANCECAR EXE, adding additional elements for a more pleasant car.
The exterior is simple featuring just two body colors, moonlight silver and deep blue metallic, with the traditional Romancecar vermillion-orange line. A stylish, impressive design.
A great deal of care went into the interior, which has a natural design. With a basic tone of beige for the seats, a combination of direct and indirect illumination systems create a bright atmosphere.
The head covers and a portion of the seats are blue, and brown was selected for the walls and floor, for a space that is both relaxed and elegant.
For storing suitcases, dedicated luggage space is provided. The restrooms are equipped with multipurpose features, including a warm water bidet, to provide convenience for those sightseeing or traveling as well as for passengers with children or using a wheelchair.
In addition, accessibility, security cameras and other design considerations ensure a safe, worry-free trip.

Limited Express Romancecar30000 series EXE

Limited Express Romancecar 30000 series EXE

EXE, the name of the 6th model in the new Romancecar series, stands for Excellent Express. The EXE 10-car train is 200 meters long and has a greatly increased passenger capacity. The EXE's sophisticated design, livery and comfortable interiors are just right for the Romancecar, which is popular not just for sightseeing but is also used by many businesspeople for their daily commute. The EXE can be configured into six- and four-car sections for added operational flexibility. The EXE is the first Romancecar to adopt the single-arm pantograph.