Suggested Itineraries

Suggested Itineraries

Allow us to suggest a few itineraries for enjoying Japan even if you are visiting only for a few days. The itineraries are a day trip, a two-day trip and a three-day trip. Places featured include Shinjuku in Tokyo, the Hakone hot spring area with its beautiful natural environment, and Enoshima with its exquisite seafood and rich history.


  • Hakone Kamakura 3 Days
    Hakone Kamakura 3 Days
    Board the Odakyu Railway for a three-day, two-night tour of the line’s best sightseeing locales! The quaint atmosphere of Hakone, the historical capital of Kamakura, and the lovely coastal views of Enoshima—you can see them all with your three-day Hakone Kamakura Pass.
  • Hakone 1 Day
    Hakone 1 Day
    A course well suited for active travelers, where the charms of Hakone, such as the magnifi cent Mt. Fuji, the talked-about the museum and onsens (hot springs), can be experienced in a day.
  • Hakone 2 Days
    Hakone 2 Days
    A 2 day course in which you can experience the wonders of Hakone, such as enjoying the magnificent scenery from the Ropeway, making tombo-damas (Japanese glass beads) and savoring your lunch at a popular café.
  • Fuji Hakone 3 Days
    Fuji Hakone 3 Days
    A 3 day course which will take you to the Fuji area, where you can enjoy a good view of Mt. Fuji, from Hakone. You are sure to enjoy not only sightseeing, but shopping and amusement park as well.

Enoshima and Kamakura

  • Enoshima & Kamakura 1 Day
    Enoshima & Kamakura 1 Day
    Introducing the recommended spots of the elegant Kamakura and the trendy Shonan. This is a course in which you can take a stroll at your own pace, while enjoying the seaview from the Enoshima Electric Railway.


  • Mt. Oyama 1Day
    Mt. Oyama 1Day
    A recommended 1 day course in which you will primarily visit Mt. Oyama, a spiritual spot from the old ages, and surrounding areas.

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