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This website is operated by Odakyu Electric Railway Co., Ltd. ("OER" hereafter) or its agent.

Thank you for using the OER website. OER operates the odakyu.jp website ("this website" hereafter) in accordance with the clauses below. Please abide by these clauses when using this website.


Copyrights to the contents on this website belong to OER in principle. None of the photos, company logos, visuals, text and other contents on this website may be reproduced, used, transferred, electronically processed, transmitted, distributed, appropriated for secondary use or used in any other way.

Conditions for Setting Up Links

No special procedures are required to set up links to this website, but users are requested to set links to the OER top page at http://www.odakyu.jp. This URL should be shown as a text link as "Odakyu Electric Railway Co., Ltd." or "Odakyu Electric Railway." When setting up a link, please refrain from setting the link up in such a way that may cause visitors to misunderstand that the contents of this website constitute part of the link's contents (e.g. showing this website inside a frame, etc.).
The following links are strictly prohibited.

  1. Any link that slanders or affects the good standing, or that could slander or affect the good standing, of OER, other companies or third parties
  2. Any link that infringes or could infringe upon the copyrights or other intellectual property of OER, other companies or third parties
  3. Any link to this website for the purpose of engaging in commercial activities (e.g. providing the information on this website for a fee, etc.)
  4. Any link that infringes or could infringe on the property, reputation, good character, human rights or privacy of OER, other companies or third parties.
  5. Any link that offends public morals
  6. Any link that could cause viewers to harbor misunderstandings or make mistakes

Exemption from Responsibility

OER exercises reasonable care in ensuring that the information contained in this website is accurate but does not guarantee that this is always so. OER also rejects any claims that may arise as a result of viewers' use of the said information.
Information on this website about products, campaigns, etc. pertains to some products sold, services provided or campaigns organized by OER, and does not cover all of the foregoing in their entirety. All information on this website is current as of when it was placed on the website; contents may subsequently be changed without notice, or may, due to the passage of time, no longer correspond to actual conditions.
The address of this website, including that on the top page, may change without notice. OER will not be responsible for malfunction of links, difficulties with displaying images or any other problems due to changing the address of this website.
OER will not be responsible for any damages arising from changes in the information on this website or interruption or cancellation of the operation of this website for any reason whatsoever.
OER does not guarantee that this website will not be interrupted, that it is error-free, that defects are remedied, or that this website or its servers are free from viruses or other harm.

Information Requested from Users of This Website

The information that users of this website are asked to provide is personal information such as name, e-mail address, telephone number, address, etc., needed by OER for answering questions or sending materials when providing information. OER may ask for other information as well, but except for the minimum information necessary, users may opt to provide this information voluntarily. OER will not change information received from users without their consent.
Information received from users may be passed on to third parties; for example, users' names and addresses may be passed to companies entrusted by OER to carry out delivery or other services.

Scope of Effect of These Clauses

These clauses apply to all the data on all servers needed to operate this website and all the contents constituting that data.


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