Cherry blossom viewing spots in the Hakone area

There are many spots in Hakone where you can enjoy the abundance of seasonal plants. We will introduce information on cherry blossom viewing spots that are loved by locals as well as spots that are popular with tourists. Why not experience the unique scenery of the region and spring in Japan in a new way?


Lines of cherry trees extend for around 600 meters along the local Miyagino Hayakawa Breakwater. During the flowering season, experience an extraordinary time thanks to the ambiance created by the sound of flowing rivers and other natural features. Enjoy the wonders of springtime at this popular Hakone cherry tree site, either by taking in the full blossoms a short distance away from the riverbank or by walking through cherry blossom tunnels formed by the arching branches at the top of the bank. Close to the Miyagino bus stop, rows of weeping cherry blossom trees spread before you and are lit up at night. This is a highly recommended area for those looking to enjoy spring.

Hakone Gora Park

Hakone Gora Park is a French-style garden located in Goro, which can be reached by the Hakone Tozan Cable Car. Enjoy the seasonal flowers, as well as cafés, shops, and Japanese tearooms, and encounter Hakone’s natural environment together with Japanese culture. The garden has several types of cherry blossom trees to enjoy, including the Yoshino variety, the Fuji cherry with its adorable flowers, and the wild cherry unique to mountainous regions. Come to Hakone Gora Park for a relaxing outing, and view the cherry blossoms while strolling around the spacious grounds. Admission costs 550 yen, but it’s free of charge if you have a Hakone Freepass.

Hakone Kowakien Houraien Park

This grand garden features the Mikawaya Ryokan, a Japanese style inn located in Kowakidani, Hakone National Park is a large garden located in and owned by Kowakien. Houraien is a Japanese-style garden with exquisitely maintained trees on a vast site 66,000 square meters in size. During the cherry blossom season, Yoshino and weeping cherry blossom trees bring vivid beauty to the park. Why not also visit the nearby onsen, Hakone Kowakien Yunessun? In addition to its cherry blossom trees, Houraien Park is also famous for its 30,000 azaleas that bloom in May and the gorgeous tree colors in autumn.

Odawara Castle Park

This is one of the most famous spots for cherry blossom viewing in Kanagawa Prefecture, and was selected as one of the "100 Most Famous Cherry Blossom Locations in Japan." 350 Yoshino cherry trees in full bloom along the moat and castle keeps, Honmaru and Ninomaru, entrance visitors with their beautiful appearance. Also, on nights when the trees are in bloom, they are lit up, creating a magical atmosphere.

Onshi-Hakone-Koen Park

Standing here, with a panoramic view of Mount Fuji in front of you, and looking down into Lake Ashi directly below, you can see why this spot was chosen as one of the 50 places of scenic beauty in Kanagawa. When the cherry trees are in full bloom with Mt Fuji behind them it is like standing in front of a picture, no matter which way you look. In this thoroughly well-cared-for garden, you can enjoy a pleasant stroll surrounded by an environment of artistic beauty.

Hatajuku Husband and Wife trees

As you travel along the Hiryunotaki (Waterfall) Nature Sightseeing Road from Hatajuku in the direction of Ashinoyu, you can see two Mountain Cherry trees that look as if they are snuggling up against each other along the way. For that reason, they have been named the "Husband and Wife trees.".


The shore of Lake Ashi is the perfect spot to view the magnificent Oshima Cherry trees there. The best time to see said Oshima Cherry trees is from mid to late April.

Choukouzan Shoutai-ji temple

The Weeping Cherry tree at Choukouzan Shoutai-ji temple is an Odawara City designated Natural Monument, and has also been selected as one of the “Hundred Famous Trees of Kanagawa.” The tree is said to be 350 years old, and planted by Inaba Masanori, who was the domain lord of Odawara in the Edo Period. The tree with its flowering branches draped in all directions is an impressively dynamic sight.

Shogenji Temple

Shogen-ji temple was founded a long time ago by adherents of the Boddhisattva Jizo in the Kamakura Era. The two large statues of Jizo in the form of the famous Soga Brothers, that are enshrined in the Soga Hall, have been designated as Important Cultural Properties of Hakone City. (Open to the public only during the equinox.)
The large weeping cherry tree on the temple grounds with its branches spread wide and covered in blossoms is an amazing sight.