Winter Campaign 2018 Travel around Japan with Odakyu! Shinjuku/Hakone/Enoshima, Kamakura/Ito(izu)

Special Movie

Trip around area of Shinjuku, Enoshima, and Hakone Using Odakyu Electric Railway by Taiwan’s famous blogger.
Shinjuku, Enoshima, and Hakone’s recommended spots are fully loaded in the movie.

During Chinese New Year, experience Japan with the Odakyu Group!

Point1 perfect for first-time visitors! Ask at our special information counter in the Odakyu Sightseeing Service Center

Located at the West Exit of Shinjuku Station, the Odakyu Sightseeing Service Center offers travel and transportation information for Hakone, Enoshima, Kamakura, Ito and other fun destinations. It also provides valuable Freepasses and coupons. The Freepass is a convenient and economical tourist ticket that lets you visit popular tourist sites near Tokyo such as Hakone and Enoshima/Kamakura at reasonable costs. Created just for non-Japanese tourists, the Center is staffed with English, Chinese and Korean speakers, and in addition to giving tourist and transportation information, sells Limited Express Romancecar tickets, Freepasses and more.

※The Odakyu Sightseeing Service Center, Shinjuku is operating at a makeshift counter due to renovations.

Free original tenugui hand towels!

Visitors who purchase a Hakone Kamakura Pass at Odakyu Sightseeing Service Center, Shinjuku can receive a free original tenugui (traditional Japanese cotton hand towel).

Campaign period: February 12 - February 25, 2018
Location: Odakyu Sightseeing Service Center, Shinjuku

※The gifts are available only while supplies last.

Point2 Events that let you experience Japanese culture at the Hakone/Togendai Terminal!

Events that let you experience Japanese culture such as rice cake pounding event, traditional Japanese festival corner, and the chance to take a commemorative photo with a samurai warrior and his retainer will be held at the Hakone/Togendai Terminal. A kotatsu (a type of heating table) experience corner will also be held as of this year. Here, you can see for yourself a traditional way of spending winter in Japan.

Campaign period: February 16 - February 18, 2018
Location: Hakone/Togendai Terminal

※The events can be participated in for free.

Mochi(Rice Cake)Pounding

Souvenir Photo with a Samurai and a Lady`s Attendant

Point3 Special chopsticks designed in the motif of cherry blossoms given away in the Enoshima/Kamakura area!

Visitors who presented a Hakone Kamakura Pass at the Shonan Fujisawa Concierge in the concourse at Fujisawa Station receive a set of special chopsticks designed in the motif of cherry blossoms.

Campaign period: February 12 - February 25, 2018
Location: The Shonan Fujisawa Concierge in the concourse at Fujisawa Station

※The gifts are available only while supplies last.

Point4 Be greeted by attendants wearing “Welcome Badges”!

During the campaign, attendants at various areas wear “Welcome Badges” with hospitable words such as “May I help You?”.
Various transportation facilities and train stations also greet visitors with decorations that welcome the coming of winter.

Campaign period: February 12 - February 25, 2018
Locations: Some stations on the Odakyu Line (Shinjuku, Odawara, Fujisawa Station, Katase-Enoshima Station, etc.), stations on the Enoshima Electric Railway, iL CHIANTI CAFÉ, Hakone/Togendai Terminal, etc.

Point5 Ride vehicles on tours of popular areas as much as you like with our free pass

Odakyu Freepass is the economical excursion ticket for travel to Hakone, Kamakura and Enoshima, and Ito areas. It is indispensable for enjoying those renowned sightseeing spots in Japan. Odakyu Freepass combines return transportation on the Odakyu Line and other railways with a ticket allowing you to board and exit as you like within specified areas. In essence, it eliminates the bother of frequent ticket purchases. Enjoy convenient and efficient travel from Tokyo (Shinjuku) to sightseeing spots in these areas with Odakyu Freepass.

Hakone Kamakura Pass

This is a money-saving tourist ticket that gives you unlimited rides on all Odakyu Lines as well as special services at facilities such as restaurants and art museums in locations centering on Hakone and the Enoshima/Kamakura area.
The pass is valid for three days at 6,500 yen for adults and 2,250 yen for children (6-11 yrs. old).

Round trip ticket for the Odakyu Line (from the departure station to Odawara) + free to take as many rides as you want in a specified area + special offers at facilities / discounts on rates / discounts on fares

Point6 Take a special and comfortable trip on the Limited Express 'Romancecar'

The Limited Express Romancecar, connecting Shinjuku, Hakone and Enoshima, is perfect for a fun trip. From Shinjuku to Hakone-Yumoto takes about 85 minutes, and from Shinjuku to Katase-Enoshima takes 65 minutes, so getting you to your destination takes almost no time. What’s more, every seat is reserved! The Romancecar promises a comfortable train journey every time!
※ In addition to regular ticket (or Freepass), a limited express surcharge are required to ride the Romancecar.

Fare (limited express surcharge + normal fare) Shinjuku ⇔ Hakone-Yumoto: 2,080 yen one way for adults
Shinjuku ⇔ Katase-Enoshima: 1,250 yen one way for adults

Point7 For hotels in Hakone and Shinjuku, tickets and tours departing from Tokyo, leave everything to us!

“Welcome winter! Hakone / Mt. Fuji Single-day Tour”

The “Hakone / Mt. Fuji Single-day Tour” will be held for visitors from the Greater China Region for a limited time during the four days from February 16 (Fri) to 19 (Mon). It is a winter-limited one-day tour where guests take a comfortable ride on the Limited Express Romancecar from Shinjuku to Hakone and visit popular spots in Hakone such as Owakudani, an art museum, and the base of Mount Fuji by chartered bus from Odawara in one day. The tour will be accompanied by a tour conductor who speaks Chinese. Those with a Japan Rail Pass or who are staying in the Hakone area can join from spots other than Shinjuku Station such as Odawara Station, Hakone-Yumoto Station, or “Hakone Kowaki-en Yunessun-mae”.

  • Tour name:“Welcome winter! Hakone / Mt. Fuji Single-day Tour”
  • Schedule: February 16 (Fri) to 19 (Mon), 2018 Those joining from Shinjuku gather at Shinjuku Station at 7 a.m. and are scheduled to return to Shinjuku Station at around 9 p.m.
  • Capacity:40 people each day
    ※Minimum number of passengers: 2
    ※The tours may be canceled if there are no reservations by 21 days before the dates of departure.
  • Travel fee:Departing from and returning to Shinjuku, adults: 12,600 yen / children: 11,300yen
    Departing from and returning to Odawara / Hakone-Yumoto, adults: 10,000 yen (same for children)
    ※Children aged 6 - 11. Small children under 6 years of age cannot join.

Recommended points of the tour

  • Hakone areaVisitors can go to Owakudani, the popular Hakone sightseeing spot, and see a surreal lit up crystal glass Christmas tree at the Hakone Glass Forest Venetian Glass Museum, which is an art museum specializing in Venetian glass.
    Local Owakudani specialty, “black eggs” (image)
    Local Owakudani specialty, “black eggs” (image)
    Hakone Glass Forest Venetian Glass Museum (image)
    Hakone Glass Forest Venetian Glass Museum (image)
  • Fuji areaPass through the “Fuji Subaru Line” toll road, and if the weather is clear, you may get a spectacular view of Mount Fuji from its base. The famous Yamanashi dish, “potted hoto noodles” is served for lunch.
    The peak of Mount Fuji as seen from the base (image)
    The peak of Mount Fuji as seen from the base (image)
    Famous Yamanashi dish, “potted hoto noodles” (image)
    Famous Yamanashi dish, “potted hoto noodles” (image)

Benefit for participating in the tour

Participants of the tour receive original tenugui hand towels as a special benefit.


    There are plenty of attractions on offer along the Odakyu Lines, including one of Japan's most famous trend-setting hot spots, Shinjuku, or there's Hakone where you can simply enjoy the hot springs (onsen) with a majestic view of Mount Fuji; and to chill out you'll find the oasis of Enoshima and Kamakura located just outside the hustle and bustle of Tokyo.

  • Area map ~Shinjuku・Hakone・Enoshima and Kamakura・Ito (Izu)~

    Area map
  • Odakyu Sightseeing Service Center

    TEL 03-5321-7887 FAX 03-5321-7886
    Business hours: 8:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.Information on the Sightseeing Service Center

  • The Restaurant & Café Fair at Shinjuku Mylord! February 1 (Thu) - March 4 (Sun)

    ※Leaflets with the coupons

    Shinjuku Mylord, which is directly connected to the South Exit at Shinjuku Station, will be holding the “Restaurant & Café”Fair from February 1 to March 4 at 22 establishments.
    Please use the money-saving coupons and enjoy their recommended dishes and refreshments.
    Leaflets with the coupons are available inside the Shinjuku Mylord building.
    ※The leaflets with the coupons will be distributed only while supplies last.

    On Shinjuku Mylord →

  • For package tour applications, through Odakyu travel.