Group management principle and group business vision

We would like to introduce the Odakyu Group's management philosophy, which is the principle of our thoughts and attitude, as well as the Group's business vision in terms of specific business trends.

Group Management principle

The group management principle consists of "management principle" showing the universal values for management and the significance of its presence in society, as well as "management policies" indicating the management approach taken in order to implement this philosophy and the promises made to every stakeholder. In accordance with the management policies shown here, it is the Odakyu Group's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to continue developing together with society by implementing its management principle.

Management principle

The Odakyu Group helps its customers create
"irreplaceable times" and "rich and comfortable Lifestyles"

The management principle shows Odakyu Group's social responsibilities and roles through its business operations, as well as the significance of its presence in society as a corporate citizen.

By creating and providing value-added time and space to meet our customers' expectations and ensure customer satisfaction, the Odakyu Group helps its customers to spend their valuable time in a pleasant and comfortable manner, contributing to bright and happy living as an excellent partner.

Management policies

We implement our management principle sincerely in day-to-day operations, and continue to grow with society. The following management policies are established as the Odakyu Group's corporate social responsibilities (CSR).

  1. (1)We adapt to external environments and always take customers as the starting point for our activities.
  2. (2)We cooperate to meet the expectations of our customers through various networks.
  3. (3)Management is conducted harmoniously and competently by cooperating with the people we deal with.
  4. (4)Based on autonomy, independence and mutual trust, we enthusiastically conduct business with pride and joy for increased reciprocal growth.

Group business vision “Value Up Odakyu"

"Value Up Odakyu" is the Group's business vision , which indicates the role of each business in the Group, and shows how the Group as a whole will evolve to implement the management principle of the Group, as well as the direction of business growth.

In line with the direction of business growth as shown in "Value Up Odakyu", all Group companies will reliably perform their roles, and each business will increase its worth through self-reliance and independence. At the same time, collaboration within the Group will be utilized to maximize cash flow on into the future, with the goal of further increasing the value of the Group and the Odakyu Line.

Value offered to the customer by Odakyu Group

Make best use of the urban and natural endowments along Odakyu lines to provide as much “quality and excitement" as possible based on a foundation of "peace of mind, convenience and comfort" in people’s daily lives.

Three business domains

Lifestyles In order for our customers to feel more satisfied with everyday life, we offer a shopping environment as well as products and services that meet customer demands and exceed their expectations. Door-to-door In order to improve our customers' ability to travel, we offer optimized means of transport in recognition of the value of your commuting time, through a seamless and one-stop services. Living spaces In order to improve our customers' quality of life, we offer top quality housing and office spaces, together with full in-depth support to overcome any difficulties in your residential life. Area strategy The three business domains of the Group harmonize to meet the varying needs of customers in each area along the Odakyu Line, cementing its status as the best choice for our customers, improving the value of the line, which is the Group's main business area, and increasing customer satisfaction.

Odakyu Group management plan organization

Group Management principle Management philosophy Management Items showing the social value of the Group's existence Management principle Items showing management approach for implementation of management principle Group business vision "Value Up Odakyu" Items showing the Group's future vision and the role of each business Mid-term management plan Performance plan for implementation of "Value Up Odakyu" Various management systems (budget, targets, business management, etc.) Systems for implementation of management plan