Model sightseeing courses

Allow us to introduce three areas where you can enjoy Japan even if you are visiting only for a few days.
These three areas are: Shinjuku in Tokyo, the Hakone hot spring area with its beautiful natural environment, and Enoshima with its exquisite seafood and rich history.
Each of these three areas provides a distinctly unique way of enjoying Japan.

A route taking in Shinjuku, Tokyo, as well as two other areas that are even popular with Japanese tourists

Top 5 things to look forwards towhen traveling to Japan 1 Dining 2 Shopping 3 Historical and traditional scenery and sites 4 Nature, the four seasons, and the rural landscape 5 Hot springs From the Japan National Tourism Organization's "Destination Survey of Overseas Visitors to Japan 2010"

The course we will introduce here takes in three areas that can satisfy the five main things that overseas visitors to Japan look forward to.
These areas are also popular with Japanese tourists, are all accessible from Tokyo in journeys that take less than two hours, and are ideal destinations for making effective use of your time while staying in Japan.
So, where are these three areas?

Oyama model course

Oyama model course

Oyama, situated in the Tanzawa-Oyama Quasi-National Park is closely located to city center.Oyama is gaining popularity in recent years as it offers visitors rich nature and history throughout the year.

Oyama model course

Each season offers its unique views.

Muslim Tourism in Hakone

Muslim Tourism in Hakone

Hakone, which can be easily reached from Tokyo and has a wealth of sights to see, is an excellent location to enjoy beautiful views of Mount Fuji. An Indonesian husband and wife took a 2-day trip to Hakone, where they reported on their delightful experiences from their unique Muslim viewpoint.

Muslim Tourism in Hakone

An Indonesian married couple’s first trip to Japan!

Take in the ocean and mountains!A scenic trip to Enoshima and Oyama on the “Romancecar.”

Take in the ocean and mountains!A scenic trip to Enoshima and Oyama on the “Romancecar.”

A collaboration between Bunka Gakuen University and ODAKYU ELECTRIC RAILWAY, this model sightseeing course takes visitors outside of Tokyo to experience Japan’s unique and beautiful scenery.
They’ll depart Shinjuku on the Limited Express “Romancecar” for a two-day one-night trip.
The trip takes visitors around Enoshima and Oyama, where they can take in both the ocean and mountains all at once, a moving experience not available in the city center.
Japan’s unique scenery and attractions are sure to grab attention on SNS.

Take in the ocean and mountains!A scenic trip to Enoshima and Oyama on the “Romancecar.”

One of the draws of this trip is the ability to share stories and photos while you experience a new style of travel.


Famous even within Tokyo as a leading commercial center full of shopping facilities and places where various cuisines can be enjoyed.
Most types of goods can be bought in Shinjuku: as well as stores stocking fashion items, there also plenty of large retailers of consumer electronics, computers, cameras and more.
There is also Shinjuku's Kabuki Cho, which is one of Japan's largest nightlife districts, a place that never sleeps and is always full of people even late at night.

With the "Shinjuku dining and shopping course" you can check out the latest fashion trends, shop for brand items and enjoy Japanese cuisine.


Hakone is the largest hot spring area on the outskirts of Tokyo, with lines of hot spring facilities and ample spring water, and it is always at the top of the Japan hot spring rankings.
The area is blessed with stunning natural scenery and also offers excellent views of Japan's symbolic Mt. Fuji, together with a landscape rich in changes throughout the four seasons.

The "Hakone full nature course" is full of standout sightseeing spots that can be visited while touring Hakone.


Mt. Fuji is a highly popular Japanese sightseeing destination, and people are attracted by its status as the highest mountain in Japan together with its beautiful form. Here, we introduce a trip where you can enjoy sightseeing and shopping around the Fuji Five Lakes at the base of Mt. Fuji as well as the famous hot spring area of Hakone.

A trip for full enjoyment of the base of magnificent Mt. Fuji and the rich natural environment of Hakone


This is a course for sightseeing in the Ito area, which is centrally located on the east side of the Izu Peninsula that juts out into the Pacific Ocean. Ito has long been famous as a hot spring area, featuring some of Japan’s leading hot springs that are said to output around 32,000 liters of hot spring water every minute. Here, we introduce an Ito sightseeing course with which you can enjoy the hot springs, sea and mountains.

A hot spring area in a rich natural environment with both sea and plateau experiences


Many historical landmarks can be seen on the island of Enoshima, including Enoshima Iwaya Cave of the Enoshima Shrine, a site of worship that dates back to more than 1,500 years before.
The area also has fresh seafood, fashionable cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy dining, as well as beach resorts.

On the "Enoshima/Kamakura round trip course" you can enjoy unbroken sea views from Enoshima as well as the ancient city atmosphere of Kamakura.

Machida&Kamakura Trip

Machida&Kamakura Trip

In recent years, the number of overseas visitors to Japan has risen rapidly. In collaboration with Bunka Gakuen University, the Odakyu Electric Railway company has planned out tours aimed at visitors from abroad. The concept is to stage tours all along the Odakyu Line, for the enjoyment of visitors from abroad.
Students studying international tourism have walked along the Odakyu Line searching for sightseeing spots and attractions that overseas visitors should definitely see.

Machida&Kamakura Trip

At this time, we are pleased to introduce a two-day, one-night trip around Machida and Kamakura and the surrounding areas. Visitors will be delighted by Machida's vibrant atmosphere, much loved by local residents, while also appreciating Japan’s traditional culture and history in the historic town of Kamakura.

Slow Life Tourism

Slow Life Tourism

A relaxing trip along the Odakyu Line with friends.
Proposal of a two-day one-night trip with friends for visitors from overseas.
The concept of the trip is “slow”.
We on purposely did not include towns in Tokyo well known in overseas and the standard tourist attractions in the course. Let us introduce you 2 charming towns full of personality along the Odakyu Line where we recommend visitors from overseas to visit.

A two-day, one-night slow-life tourism with visits to Shimo-Kitazawa and Enoshima, two towns along the Odakyu Line with completely different charms. The three girls who planned the tour will show you around.

Odakyu trains comfortably and efficiently connect these three areas

The three areas introduced here are directly connected by the Odakyu Limited Express "Romancecar", which enables you to explore by traveling from Shinjuku to Hakone and Enoshima without having to transfer.
All seats on the Odakyu Limited Express "Romancecar" require a reservation. There is a full range of in-car services so that you can relax and enjoy traveling in luxury.

We also have Freepasses that offer excellent value when going on excursions to popular areas.

Combining this with the Odakyu Limited Express "Romancecar" makes for travel with even greater value and convenience. Freepasses are available for each area of Hakone and Enoshima, so please select the ideal pass for your destination and purpose.