Take in the ocean and mountains!
A scenic trip to
Enoshima and Oyama
on the “Romancecar.”

A trip to savor the charms of Japan's mountains and coastline.

A collaboration between Bunka Gakuen University and Odakyu Electric Railway, this model sightseeing course takes visitors outside of Tokyo to experience Japan’s unique and beautiful scenery.
Starting from Shinjuku, they will take the Limited Express "Romancecar".
The trip takes visitors around Enoshima and Oyama, where they can take in both the ocean and mountains all at once, a moving experience not available in the city center.
Japan’s unique scenery and attractions are sure to grab attention on SNS.
One of the draws of this trip is the ability to share stories and photos while you experience a new style of travel.


What beautiful sights await you on your trip? The three creators of this sightseeing course explain below.
Even if you’re a frequent visitor to Japan, be sure to come on this trip and discover a delightful new side to the country.


    Mr. Joshin Han

    Descending beautiful Mt. Oyama by cable car,
    you’ll be treated to a fantastic view of
    Sagami Bay. And on the lovely island of Enoshima, you can see as
    far as Mt. Fuji on a clear day!


    Ms. Erika Niizawa

    Lose yourself in rich nature while you enjoy
    the tofu dishes which are well-known in Oyama,
    seafood lunch in Enoshima and popular sweets.
    I recommend these model courses for "girls' travel".


    Mr. Sanshiro Ando

    Enoshima and Oyama are easily accessible from
    the city, and provide lots of scenic spots to show
    off on SNS. Be sure to check them out!



Odakyu Sightseeing Service Center

Your journey starts here.

Your journey on the Odakyu Line begins at the Odakyu Sightseeing Service Center in Shinjuku, Tokyo. An information center catering exclusively to foreigners, it provides tourism and transportation information and sells train tickets, Limited Express “Romancecar” tickets, and a variety of unlimited train and bus passes. For a pleasant sightseeing experience around Enoshima and Oyama, we recommend purchasing an unlimited train pass.

★On day one, before heading out to Enoshima, we bought an Enoshima 1-day Passport.(Valid for 1day)

*Depending on your lodging location for the day, the "Enoshima 1-day Passport," which can be purchased at local places (the Katase-Enoshima Tourist Information Center, etc.), may be a better deal.

Get valuable travel information before heading out. Tickets are also available for purchase.

The trusty Enoshima
1-day Passport

Depart Shinjuku on the Limited Express “Romancecar” "Enoshima" model.

We recommend travelling to Enoshima using the Limited Express “Romancecar.”
This reservation-only train offers spacious seating and wide windows, providing passengers with a sense of luxurious train travel.
Passengers will enjoy the change of scenery on the approximately one-hour train ride from the city center to the outskirts, getting off at Katase-Enoshima Station, the closest station to Enoshima.

Limited Express “Romancecar’s” unique and stylish carriage design will be a memorable part of your trip.

The big windows are nice


Limited Express “Romancecar”

A popular series of limited express trains linking Shinjuku with Hakone and Enoshima. There are currently four varieties of train, including those outfitted with observation deck and saloon compartment seating.
※Train boarding requires a separate express fee.(Shinjuku Katase-Enoshima 620 yen)

These lodging facilities are recommended in order to enjoy the Enoshima area more.

Shonan Enoshima Oryoriryokan Ebisuya Restaurant and Inn

A panoramic view of the Shonan coastline! A lodging where guests are greeted with warm Japanese hospitality and stunning scenery.

This well-established traditional inn, located in an elegant building built along Enoshima’s Benzaiten Nakamise-dori main street, has operated for over 350 years. Offering guest rooms and a grand shared bath overlooking the Shonan coastline, as well as seasonal cuisine using fresh local fish, its delightful amenities and services are representative of not only Enoshima, but Japan as a whole. Enjoy a precious/treasured moment/time immersed in historic elegance.


In addition to the usual bathrobes and towels, the grand shared bath is fully stocked with grooming and skin care items. Not having to worry about bringing your own personal care items is one of the draws of the bath.


A luxurious time immersed in the scenic beauty of Shonan and Enoshima.

Built alongside Route 134, a national highway with an open, seaside aura, this hotel is the perfect lodging for travelers seeking gorgeous scenery. Its stylish rooms are constructed with natural materials, and nearly all provide an ocean view. With Shonan Kaigan Park directly in front of them, guests are treated to not only the ocean but also gorgeous greenery—one of the major draws of the hotel. Plus/What’s more, Enoshima is within walking distance if the mood hits. A restful, refreshing stay awaits.


The hotel was designed for guests’ refreshment and convenience. Its complete range of services include 24-hour concierge and room services, and rooms are fully stocked with amenities and fully equipped with digital fixtures and other facilities.