Sightseeing in Hakone

Very close to Tokyo! Enjoy the Hakone hot springs at the foot of Mount Fuji.

With the Odakyu Limited Express "Romancecar", Hakone is just 85 minutes away from Shinjuku. Located at the foot of magnificent Mount Fuji, Hakone has always been a favorite destination; in fact you'll be following in the footsteps of 400 years of Japanese and foreign visitors. Since the start of the Edo period in 1603, Hakone has flourished as a favorite spa destination, and still attracts many visitors from all over Japan and the world.
In Hakone, there are many fine hot springs (onsen) and locations with grand views of Mount Fuji. Treat yourself and enjoy the scenery of majestic Mount Fuji in so many different ways; onboard a Hakone Sightseeing Cruise, from the shores of Lake Ashi, high up in the sky gondola of the Hakone Ropeway, or while bathing in a hot spring.
And if that isn't enough, be sure to visit such historic attractions as Hakone Checkpoint or the stone paved avenues of Kyukaido (Ancient Highway), or for those art lovers, there are unique art museums including the Hakone Open Air Museum. For nature lovers, it's easy just to stroll through the beautiful scenery and watch the seasons as they change.

The "Hakone full nature course" is full of standout sightseeing spots that can be visited while touring Hakone.

Access to Hakone

Shinjuku to Hakone-Yumoto
Odakyu Limited Express "Romancecar" / Approx. 75 minutes
Shinjuku - Gotemba Station - Various locations in Hakone
Odakyu Hakone Highway Bus / Approx. 2 hours - 2 hours 30 minutes
  • *Depending on traffic conditions

Value Pass

Enjoy sightseeing in Hakone with the convenient and great value Freepass. The Hakone Freepass not only includes the return trip between Hakone and Shinjuku, but also lets you hop on and off as often as you like in the Hakone area. You are free to take the trains and buses, and the cable car and sightseeing cruise, allowing you to thoroughly explore Hakone. It also provides you easy access to places of interest such as hot springs (onsen), Lake Ashi, art museums and historic sites. The transport covered by your Freepass in the Hakone area are as follows.

Over a leisurely 40 minutes, the train switches back three times as it climbs the steep mountain slopes to its final destination of Gora. The line was built fully taking into account the plant and animal life of Hakone, which is registered as a national park; the superb views from special points, especially from the Deyama Bridge, looking down 43m to the riverbed are breathtaking, and the scenery visible from the train windows is simply magnificent, with the beautiful seasonal plants and flowers blooming right beside the track. Cherry blossoms in spring, and red and yellow leaves carpeting the mountains in autumn.

The Hakone Tozan Cable Car is 9 minutes of heaven and connects the town of Gora, with its many hot springs (onsen), and a popular sightseeing spot, with Sounzan Station. The large viewing windows of the cable cars give a scenic panorama of the Hakone mountains and beyond, including Mount Kami and Mt. Myojyogatake which is known for its popular Daimonji-yaki Bonfire. Four stations are located between Gora and Sounzan. Along the way are Hakone Gora Park, with its beautiful fountain, and the Hakone Museum of Art, which specializes in pottery, and many other attractions. Enjoy a ride on the Hakone Tozan Cable Car using the economical Hakone Freepass.

The trip from Sounzan to Togendai on Lake Ashi only takes about 30 minutes, but the large windows of the Swiss-made cabins are designed to allow visitors to fully appreciate the sweeping panorama of Hakone's unspoiled natural settings, such as the beautiful calm waters of Lake Ashi, magnificent Mount Fuji, and the volcanic clouds from Owakudani.

The Hakone Sightseeing Cruise links Togendai with Moto-Hakone-ko and Hakone-machi. With the Hakone Freepass, you can hop on and off anywhere along the way, so why not take time and visit such attractions as the museums, hot springs (onsen) and historic sites located by the lake shore? In fine weather, passengers are treated to a particularly fine view of Mount Fuji, and can enjoy Hakone's rich scenery lazily reflected in the lake's calm surface.

Hakone Tozan Bus routes cover a wide area linking many access points in Hakone with Odawara, Hakone-Yumoto, Gotemba and Numazu, and are the main form of transport in the Hakone area.
In addition, the Tourist-facilities Round Bus routes operating with retro themed cars call at museums and attractions in Sengokuhara and Gora, providing convenient access for sightseeing. The specially designed cars are equipped with a glass roof for even greater enjoyment of Hakone's natural scenery.

The Odakyu Hakone Highway Bus runs on the Shinjuku-Hakone, and Haneda Airport-Yokohama-Hakone routes. All seats are reserved, and all buses are equipped with toilets. This route is highly recommended for those wishing to take a day-trip to Japan's premier hot spring resort of Hakone in comfort.

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