We will introduce from various aspects Japanese sightseeing attractions that can be experienced with Odakyu.

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ODAKYU ELECTRIC RAILWAY is the train service linking popular tourist destinations including "Hakone", "Enoshima/Kamakura", "Gotenba" and "Odawara" with Shinjuku, one of Japan's busiest downtown areas.

Limited Express "Romancecar" Feature
Enjoyable, comfortable travel more fun than ever

Odakyu Limited Express "Romancecar" is a means of travel that lets you enjoy to your heart’s content a trip full of window views and gourmet dining. The Limited Express "Romancecar" delivers many services enabling you to enjoy your journey, including the renowned “observation deck seats” providing beautiful views and “saloon seats” where you can enjoy traveling in a private car just with your friends and family. Limited Express "Romancecar" is recommended for trips to Hakone, Mount Fuji and Enoshima!

How to Enjoy Mt. Fuji Inscribed on the World Cultural Heritage List

Listed as a World Cultural Heritage Site in 2013, Japan’s beloved Mt. Fuji has become a destination for travelers worldwide. Mt. Fuji offers various entertainment options to experience. Though the distant view from Limited Express “Romancecar” and Hakone is also impressive, here we feature Mt. Fuji for those who prefer the closer view of this beautiful mountain.

Sweets feature

When you go on a trip, you definitely want to try some tasty local sweets. You can find various types of local sweets throughout Japan, including both Japanese and Western style sweets. In this special article, spots where you can find unique Japanese sweets will be introduced, in addition to fashionable cafes and restaurants

Cherry blossoms (sakura) feature

The custom of "flower viewing" has been a part of Japanese culture since time immemorial. People used to engage in cultural activities such as composing "waka" poems and painting while viewing the cherry blossoms, and even now festivals are held around Japan to mark the blooming of the cherry trees.

Mt. Fuji feature

Mt. Fuji is the symbol of Japan. At 3,776m high, it is Japan's tallest mountain. With its beautiful singular form, it has long been popular as a sightseeing destination and has been favored as a motif for ukiyoe prints. This feature introduces some of the many attractive spots along the Odakyu Line where you can enjoy viewing Mt. Fuji, including Hakone.

Hot spring feature

If you are visiting Japan, you will definitely want to try out Japanese hot springs. Relax your body and soul in spacious bathtubs. Hakone is one of the most famous and popular hot spring areas in Japan, thanks to its rich water quality and hot springs with various functions. This feature introduces hot springs that can be visited with Odakyu, as well as tips and information regarding manners to help you enjoy your hot spring experience.