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10things you'll want to see, visit, and experience when you go to Hakone
Stunningly picturesqueMt. Fuji
The Hakone Tozan Train - the steepest in Japan
Hakone Kowaki-en Yunessun
The number of hot springsyou can enjoy at Hakone
Experience  Japanese culture!
Ongoing volcanic activity
Hakone SweetsCollection
A shrine with 1200years of history and the sekisho(checkpoint)from the Edo period.
Hakone gourmet guide

Please experience Japan's beautiful natural scenery and traditional crafts,
as well as its generous hospitality at Hakone.

Sightseeing Guide

With the Freepass,you can get this much value on your trip!

With the Freepass you can ride these services!
In addition to this, you can get discounts and morefrom a total of 55 different facilities!
Museum of Saint-Exupery and The Little Prince in Hakone
Odakyu Hakone Highland Hotel
Hakone Gora Park
Hakone Yuryo
Hakone-jinja shrine
Amazake-chaya Tea House

【 Immediate savings 】

With this model course, if you use the Freepass you save around 2,500 yen from the standard fare!

【  Easy to use 】

Whenever you do lots of transfers you don't need to buy any tickets!

From Shinjuku to Hakone
From airports to Shinjuku
How to purchase a Freepass
Facilities which offer discount
How to board the Limited Express Romancecar
Fare of Romance Car

Two recommended model courses for enjoying Hakone efficiently.

Recommended  course no.1

Recommended  course no.2

Full course model is here
A course which you can enjoy the essential sightseeing spots in just a short amount of time!

Useful tips!

Access for each destination
How to purchase tickets from the ticket vending machine
If you need any help, please visit the Odakyu Sightseeing Service Center

If you use Odakyu, you can also visit other exciting areas in addition to Hakone!

Enoshima - Kamakura area
Shinjuku area
course map