Guide to online purchasing /
vacant seat browsing for Limited Express "Romancecar" (e-Romancecar)

At e-Romancecar, users can purchase Limited Express "Romancecar" tickets and browse vacant seats online.

  • *Limited express tickets can be purchased up to 1 month before travel.

Limited Express "Romancecar" is designated as ticket-only, so please purchase a limited express ticket as well as a standard ticket (normal ticket or Freepass) to your destination before riding Limited Express “Romancecar”.

  • *Only limited express tickets can be purchased through e-Romancecar. Please purchase standard tickets at station ticket counters or ticket vending machines separately.

Limited express tickets can be purchased with credit cards.

Customers with smartphones capable of logging in to e-Romancecar do not require issuance of their purchased limited express tickets.

  • *Printing and keeping a copy of the purchase screen is recommended.

Usage guide from online purchase of limited express tickets through to actual travel

Preparations before travel (1 month before travel)

  • (1) Search for the Limited Express "Romancecar" you want to travel on and purchase a "limited express ticket" after browsing Seat availability.
  • (2) Pay for limited express ticket for Limited Express "Romancecar" by credit card.
  • (3) Print purchase screen and keep copy.

Actual bording date

  • (4) Purchase a standard "ticket" (normal ticket or Freepass) at station ticket counter or ticket vending machine.
  • (5) Take a print-out of the purchase screen along with your "ticket" and board the limited express.
  Browse Seat availability Purchase
Online Confirmation / registration
Payment method - Credit card payment
Issue limited express ticket when riding train -
(not required)
Electronic limited express ticket information (print-out or device screen) + credit card
Change train (before departure) -
(can be changed)
Train can be changed before departure time
Cancel -
(can be changed)
Requires handling charge of 100 yen per seat
Purchase of ticket -
A limited express ticket and standard ticket will be required when boarding.
About use of the system

Service hours run from 04:00 until 02:00 the next day (Japan standard time)
(note that credit cards cannot be used from 23:50 until 00:05 the next day).

The "Asagiri" service operates only between Shinjuku and Matsuda
(For the section arriving at/departing from the Gotemba Line, only Seat availability browsing is available).

You cannot ride the Tokyo Metro Line alone.

You cannot make reservations for Odawara to Hakone-Yumoto on the Hakone Tozan Line alone.


You cannot ride the Tokyo Metro Line alone.

Contact for inquiries: Odakyu Sightseeing Service Center
Business hours
08:00 - 18:00 (Japan standard time)