How to take the Limited Express "Romancecar"

  • 1. How to make a reservation

    Steps from reserving an Odakyu Limited Express "Romancecar" ticket to getting on board are given below.
    These tips will make your journey even more enjoyable.

    Reservation desk

    Reservations for Limited Express Tickets only
    Reservations for travel product bargains including Limited Express Tickets
    • Odakyu Sightseeing Service Center Shinjuku in Odakyu Shinjuku Station (to reserve a limited express ticket)
    • Odakyu Travel, a travel agency (to reserve travel packages including an Odakyu Limited Express "Romancecar" ride)

    Please note the following when reserving a limited express ticket

    A limited express ticket reservation shall be automatically cancelled if you do not pick up the ticket by the due date.
    If you require an observation deck seat, window seat or saloon (semi-compartment), specify the seat type you want when you make a reservation. These seats are available via the ticket vending machines at Odakyu stations, Odakyu Travel or Odakyu Sightseeing Service Center (
    You need a limited express ticket AND a normal ticket (normal fare) to your destination. You cannot reserve a normal ticket; please buy one at the departing station on the departure day. We also offer various Freepasses, which include the normal ticket. The car type and train route differs depending on the name of the "Romancecar". For more information please see Stations where the Limited Express "Romancecar" stops.

  • 2. How to buy normal and limited express tickets

    You can buy a normal ticket or pick up a reserved limited express ticket at the Sightseeing Service Center or from ticket vending machines at each station on the Odakyu Line.

    See on how to get a ticket from a ticket vending machine

    • *After reserving a limited express ticket, pick it up at a station ticket counter or from a ticket vending machine. The reservation shall be automatically cancelled if you do not pick up the ticket by the due date.
      Reservations made no later than 8 days before the departure date
      Pick up your ticket within 8 days from the reservation date (the date of reservation included)
      Reservations made from 7 days before the departure date up to 60 minutes before departure
      Pick up your ticket no later than 15 minutes before departure

    After picking up your limited express ticket, check all the details are correct: date, departure time, train name, car type, seat number(s).

    How to read a limited express ticket

  • 3. How to go through the ticket gate

    Stack your normal and limited express tickets and insert them in the ticket gate.
    Walk through and make sure to collect your tickets at the end of the ticket gate.

    Follow the station signs to a "Romancecar" platform.

    Check out the station signs and your limited express ticket to identify your train name and platform.

  • 4. How to board the Romancecar

    Check your car number and type on your limited express ticket, and follow the platform signs to your boarding position. Climb on board when your train arrives. At a starting station you may have to wait until the car preparation and cleaning have been completed.

  • 5. Departure

    Check your limited express ticket for your reserved seat number, settle into your seat and enjoy your comfortable ride on the Odakyu Limited Express "Romancecar".