Economical Excursion Tickets

At Odakyu, we offer our Freepass and coupons for those visitors who wish to take advantage of round trips and excursions. The Freepass saves you time and money, great discounts and no more bother buying tickets. A combination of a round trip train ticket with a Freepass for transport within the designated area by train, bus and cable car. The Freepass includes discounts at sightseeing attractions and restaurants. The Freepass really frees you up and saves you time and money, letting you spend more time on your holiday. Enjoy your travels with your economical friends, the Freepass & Discount Coupons.

Freepass for each area

Hot Spring Coupon

Special Offer

Many facilities including hot springs and museums offer discount rates for Freepass holders.


Available for purchase throughout the year

Where to buy

Each Freepass can be purchased at the following locations.