Fuji Hakone Pass

Announcing the renewal of the convenient and economical “Fuji Hakone Pass” discount excursion ticket!

The Fuji Hakone Pass is a discount excursion ticket valid for a 3-day period, allowing passengers to go on round-trip excursions in the popular Fuji and Hakone areas with just one ticket. Even now, it is frequently used by many visitors from foreign countries.With this new and improved pass, the available range of transportation in the Fuji area has been expanded to include access to popular sightseeing locations like the Arakurayama Sengen Park. There are also 2 types of passes to choose from, “Shinjuku-departure” and “Odawara-departure”, to accommodate visitors’ travel schedules.The renewed Fuji Hakone Pass has become even more convenient, so visitors can enjoy 2 popular and famous sightseeing areas with convenient access from Tokyo.