Vegetarian and Vegan Options in Hakone: Hotels, Hamburgers, and Japanese Food Galore!

Vegetarians and vegans alike may sometimes encounter difficulties finding hotels or restaurants that can accommodate dietary needs while traveling, so we’d like to introduce restaurants/hotels in Hakone (a popular hot spring resort in Japan), where you can enjoy delicious vegan or vegetarian cuisine. The cuisine ranges from Japanese to Western, and even those who don’t consider themselves vegetarian will be delighted. Please feel free to reference this page for your next trip to Hakone!

Getting to Hakone



SHIKA-JAYA is a Japanese restaurant specializing in traditional tofu and “yamaimo” (mountain yam) dishes, located only a 7-minute walk from Hakone-Yumoto Station. You can enjoy excellent tofu dishes in a setting that still retains its Showa atmosphere. For vegans and vegetarians, we recommend the "Okabe Zen" dish made only with rich kelp broth.

The “Okabe Zen” set includes three tofu dishes, rice, and pickles. The three tofu dishes consist of the famous "So-un Tofu," topped with plenty of grated yams; "Wasabi Miso Yakko, with a sauce made of sesame, wasabi, and white miso; and "Yuba Tofu” (soy milk nabe), with firm tofu in soy milk that has been infused with the flavor of miso. Each dish is served in turn, so you can savor each as it arrives. The sweetness of the tofu and the aroma of soybeans can be observed in the refinement of the seasoning.



BOX BURGER, located in Miyagino, is a hamburger shop that carefully selects its ingredients. Their signature burger is made with Kanagawa’s “Soshu-gyu” (Soshu beef), but they also offer vegetarian burgers that are meat and fish free. There are two varieties, the "Vegetable Burger" and the "Teriyaki Vegetable Burger," and vegans can opt to change the buns, sauce, and cheese to egg and dairy-free options.

The patty is made of several kinds of beans, millet rice, vegetables, and soy meat, all of which are seasoned with spices and fried in oil. It also has a springy texture, and despite being made of soy meat, it doesn’t have a trace of it when it comes to smell. You’re bound to fall for this burger once you get a taste.

Don't forget to order a handmade shake while you’re there. The “Caramel Banana Shake,” is made with almond milk and is rich and satisfying, making it suitable for vegan needs as well. We also suggest their coffee, roasted with the finest of beans.

In addition to restaurants, “Odakyu Hotel de Yama,” located in Motohakone, and “Hakone Highland Hotel” in Sengokuhara also offer vegan meals.


Odakyu Hotel de Yama

Odakyu Hotel de Yama, a resort hotel built upon the shores of Lake Ashi, offers an accommodation plan for dinner that gives those seeking Chinese-style vegan food the opportunity to enjoy Japan’s traditional food culture through "kaiseki cuisine."

The vegetarian course, which infuses the essence of Japanese cooking, is prepared using techniques that take full advantage of seasonal vegetables, tofu, and other ingredients unique to Japanese cuisine. The full flavor of the vegetables is enhanced, providing an authentic Japanese culinary experience. You’ll find that every dish, from the appetizers, “kombucha” hotpots, and freshly fried tempura to the after-dinner dessert, is superb.


Odakyu Hakone Highland Hotel

For a taste of Western vegan cuisine, we recommend Hakone Highland Hotel, where the dishes can also be prepared in a Chinese-style vegan manner.
The colorful and visually pleasing dishes come in a wide variety of flavors. Enjoy authentic Western-style oriental vegan dishes such as pasta, Western-style soups, vegan meat stews, and desserts.