10 Tips for a Wonderful Odakyu Romancecar Trip

The Odakyu Romancecar is a limited express train that connects Shinjuku in Tokyo with Hakone, Enoshima, and other popular tourist destinations.
The train is available for a surcharge in addition to the regular train fare, but all seating is on a reserved basis, making for a more comfortable and relaxed trip from the center of Tokyo.
This article will answer some frequently asked questions to serve as a guide for first-time users.

When can I purchase Limited Express Romancecar tickets?

Romancecar tickets can be purchased from 10:00AM (Japan time) on the day one month prior to the date of boarding.

Can I purchase tickets online?

Yes, you can. The following explains how!

Access the ticket purchase website.


Touch the “Tickets Purchase & Check” button in the Home page.


Touch the “New booking/purchase” button.


Enter all the required information including the Travel date, Time and Route. Read the Terms of service and agree by checking the box. Touch the “Check seat availability” button at the bottom.


Select your Limited Express train.


Select your seat.

At the end, select “Purchase” in the “Purchase/Booking options” section and touch “Next”


If you have not registered your credit card, touch “Credit card settings” and enter the required information.

If you have completed the registration/modification of your credit card, touch “Next”.


Check the ticket information and touch “Confirm payment”.


Your purchase is confirmed.

You can board your train without any further action.

*You must use Limited Express tickets in combination with a regular ticket, Freepass, or IC card such as PASMO or Suica.

Can I ride the Romancecar by purchasing a Hakone Freepass?

No, because the Hakone Freepass does not include the fare for the Romancecar.
Also, there are no ticket sets that include both the Hakone Freepass and the Romancecar.

I want to ride a Romancecar with observation deck seats (i.e., the GSE model), how do I find out which are GSE?

Check the model type listed on the timetable or use the online seat availability inquiry function.

Romancecar Timetables

Do I need a Limited Express Romancecar ticket for my child? 

Yes, you do. For children between 6 and 11 years old, you will be charged the child fare + the express fare, and for children 12 years old and older, you will be charged the adult fare + the express fare.
For children younger than 6 years old, a child’s ticket and a child’s express ticket for the applicable Romancecar route will be required if the child makes use of a Romancecar seat. However, there is no charge if the child sits on your lap.

Example: In the case of 2 adults and 2 children (10 and 3 years old) traveling from Shinjuku to Hakone-Yumoto

If the 3-year-old child also uses a seat
Adult limited express ticket (1,200 yen) + boarding ticket (1,270 yen) = 2,470 yen × 2 passengers = 4,940 yen
Child’s limited express ticket (600 yen) + boarding ticket (640 yen) = 1,240 yen × 2 passengers = 2,480 yen

Total: 7,420 yen

If the 3-year-old child sits on your lap
Adult limited express ticket (1,200 yen) + boarding ticket (1,270 yen) = 2,470 yen × 2 passengers = 4,940 yen
Child’s limited express ticket (600 yen) + boarding ticket (640 yen) = 1,240 yen × 1 passenger = 1,240 yen

Total: 6,180 yen

If you use a (two-day) Hakone Freepass as your boarding ticket

Adult limited express ticket (1,200 yen) + 6,100 yen = 7,300 yen × 2 passengers = 14,600 yen
(For the 10-year-old) Child’s limited express ticket (600 yen) + 1,100 yen = 1,700 yen
(For the 3-year-old) Child’s limited express ticket (600 yen) + boarding ticket (640 yen) = 1,240 yen

Total: 17,540 yen

Do I need to pick up the tickets in advance after booking online?

No, you do not. If the train attendant on board asks to see your ticket, just show them your on-screen ticket.

What should I do if a payment error occurs?

In the event of an error, since the purchase has not been completed, either start over from the beginning or check the information you have entered and retry to complete the purchase.
Or, if you are unable to make payment due to credit card usage restrictions, etc., please contact your credit card company.

Can I get a refund or change trains?

All procedures are possible online.
Log in to the site where you made your purchase and select the train you prefer from the reservation list.
Refunds are provided after deducting the prescribed handling charge.
The procedures for both refunds and train changes can be completed up until the time that the train for which the express ticket was purchased departs.
If you miss your train, neither refunds nor train changes are possible.

Is there space to store large luggage?

It depends on the model. GSE trains have space for storing large luggage as well as under-seat storage space, while EXEα trains have a dedicated luggage space.
In addition, MSE, EXE, and EXEα trains are equipped with luggage racks above the seats, but these racks cannot accommodate large suitcases.

The four people in my group all want to sit facing each other. Can the seats on Romancecar GSE model trains be rotated manually?

Yes, they can.