Relax at cafes with ocean views in Enoshima and Kamakura

Both Enoshima, surrounded by the sea, and Kamakura on the seaside, are a treasure trove of cafes where you can get your fill of ocean views to your heart’s content. Each offers guests characteristic menus in Japanese and Western styles, made even better by the use of fresh seafood from Sagami Bay, such as Shirasu (baby sardines). So gaze on the breathtaking ocean views as you enjoy the cafe flavors of Enoshima and Kamakura.

Dine on Shirasu dishes surrounded in the nature of the island and Sagami Bay / Cafe Madu ENOSHIMA

This cafe occupies a detached home on the west side of Enoshima. In a building reminiscent of a traditional Japanese restaurant or inn, the calm interior space is designed like a lodge decorated in warm wood, such as the tasteful columns made from scrap wood. Located on higher ground, guests can enjoy an uninterrupted view of Sagami Bay from the windows. The cafe includes terrace seating facing the sea, and guests will surely be soothed by the surrounding native trees of the island.

They offer a menu of rice bowls, pasta, and curry dishes using local Enoshima vegetables and Shirasu, flavored in their own unique way. They also offer a dessert menu complete with parfaits, crepes, and shaved ice.

There are numerous photogenic Enoshima tourist attractions nearby, such as the Enoshima Samuel Cocking Garden, Okutsumiya Shrine, the Enoshima Iwaya Caves, and the Ryuren no Kane (Dragon’s Love Bell), so it is a perfect spot to take a break while walking around Enoshima. The entire island sparkles with lanterns and other illumination from summer through winter. Why not enjoy the delicious menu here while feasting your eyes on the memorable Enoshima ocean views?

Experience gourmet food and wonderful views on the southern tip of Enoshima / iL-CHIANTI CAFE

This cafe is a sister restaurant to iL CHIANTI BEACHE located on Katase Beach. It is a new cafe-style Italian restaurant. Their menu offers a selection of almost 100 different Italian dishes prepared in the original Chianti style.

The variety of dishes exemplify seaside Italian food, such as their Shirasu pizza, the chilled Enoshima seafood spaghetti, shrimp curry featuring the rich Umami flavor and soft texture of sea shrimp, and their crab burgers made by frying whole softshell crabs until crispy. And don’t forget their ample dessert menu!

Enjoy superb French toast at this botanical garden cafe / Loncafe Shonan Enoshima main branch

This cafe embodies the culture of Shonan, to enjoy moments of resort class relaxation in everyday life, rather than visiting conventional resorts. It is located inside the the Enoshima Samuel Cocking Garden, a botanical garden at the top of Enoshima.

It was launched in this park, surrounded by trees and plants, as Japan’s first cafe dedicated to French toast in 2003. The French toast is carefully marinated in their original sauce, producing a result that is crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside. Guests can order it with not only sweet toppings, such as a rich crème brûlée, but selected savory toppings such as BLT as well. We also recommend their ample sized sandwiches.

The cafe is located within the scenic botanical garden at the top of Enoshima, surrounded by the ocean, facing Miami Beach Square. Visitors can view the harbor or Katase Higashi beach from the terrace seats. Another attraction is that the cafe offers special decorations with fireworks for visitors celebrating their birthdays or other anniversaries. Meanwhile, the the Enoshima Samuel Cocking Garden is lit up with candles and other illumination from summer through winter, giving you a good reason to enjoy the cafe at night as well.

Enjoy espresso and food at this cafe embraced by the sea / Espresso D Works Shichirigahama

You will arrive at the coastal highway after walking through the quaint seaside town from Shichirigahama Station on the Enoden Line. This cafe and its wonderful views are located along that highway. Every seat offers an uninterrupted view of the sea off Shonan, and you can even enjoy a 360 degree view of the surroundings from the rooftop terrace seats.

Here, along with those amazing views, you can also enjoy a feast for your eyes and appetite including their various coffees such as espresso, pancakes, vegetable-rich pastas and pizzas, French toast, and open sandwiches.

The restaurant interior and terrace seats offer a breathtaking view of the wide-open ocean where the horizon seems to open up right in front of you. Not only can you view Enoshima and Mt. Fuji, but you can also watch the waves strike the shore right below you, so you will likely lose track of time as you look and eat. As the sea and sky turn a light shade of purple at dusk, you can also enjoy the beautiful silhouettes of Enoshima and Mt. Fuji with the sunset behind them. They also carry a rare premium beer with a subtle aroma made without using filters, the perfect accessory to a special occasion.

Enjoy gluten-free cupcakes at a cafe with an ocean view / CUPS Kamakura

Located on National Highway route 134 that runs along Sagami Bay, this cafe offers a view of Yuigahama Beach right before your eyes. Notable for their gluten-free menu, this cafe offers “slightly small cupcakes made without compromise.” The items on their menu are made uncompromisingly with ingredients that are healthy for your body, with rice flower and raw cane sugar, and no eggs, milk, or processed sugar. In addition to their cupcakes, they also serve other popular gluten-free dishes such as their pizza using local Shirasu and their sandwich wraps full of vegetables and topped with homemade sauce.

This is a great place to rest a moment while walking through the seaside park at Yuigahama, but there is even a space for accommodations on the 2nd floor, limited to one group per day, which you can rent for a private rest for your family, group, or a couple. The room is Japanese style with mats reminiscent of Tatami, and the experience of the healthy cupcakes accompanied by the views and sounds of the ocean are unparalleled.