Activities in Hakone

Located about 80 minutes from Shinjuku in Tokyo, Hakone is popular for its hot springs and views of Mount Fuji. In addition to these great features, however, Hakone also has an amazing variety of outdoor activities that you can enjoy. For example, hop on a mountain bike to explore the mountains and cycle around a lake, or go ziplining through the air for a burst of excitement. Here we take a look at five exciting outdoor activities to do in the Hakone area.

Forest Adventure HAKONE

Enjoy traversing adventure trails designed to blend completely into the trees and topography of the forest. Forest Adventure HAKONE has two adventure courses that will arouse your sense of adventure and introduce you to the great outdoors of Hakone. You will be strapped on to an auto belay the whole time so it’s very safe. When you’re done, make sure to check out the Cliff Challenger (for a fee), a seven-meter climbing wall located on-site that is free for adults and children. Forest Adventure Hakone is conveniently located only about three minutes away from Hakone-Yumoto Station by free shuttle bus.

Forest Adventure MISHIMA SKYWALK

After crossing the Mishima Skywalk, the longest suspension bridge in Japan, you can glide through the air on the Long-ZIP Slide! The Long-ZIP Slide is one of the most popular things to do in Forest Adventure MISHIMA SKYWALK. This 560-meter (round-trip) aerial adventure delivers an exquisite view of the World Heritage Site of Mount Fuji and panoramas of the cityscape below. You’ll feel like a bird soaring through the sky with the bracing wind on your cheeks. Two people (friends, couples, etc.) can also zipline together.

Hakone Mountain Ripper

Cycle around Lake Ashi on a mountain bike! Among the routes available, the Deep Forest Cruising Course is the most popular, taking you far into the woods of Hakone (fee: 9,000 yen). An easy ride even for beginner cyclists, pass through beautiful natural settings, including a gently inclining slope along the bank of the Hayakawa River. There are five tours in all, each taking between three and four hours to complete. Tours depart from and return to the Hakone Visitor Center. Guidance for bicycle operation is provided in English, so these tours are safe even for beginner cyclists.

Hakone Miyagino International Trout Fishing Pond

Try your hand at trout fishing at the Hakone Miyagino International Trout Fishing Pond, located along the Hayakawa River which flows through Hakone and Miyagino. Filled not with river water but entirely with spring water, the pond is great for bait-fishing for rainbow trout. Fish as long as you like while the pond is open, but any fish that are caught must be purchased as there is a ban on releasing caught fish. The on-site staff will clean your fish free of charge. You can also eat the rainbow trout salt-grilled, a delectable treat!

Virtus Riding Club: Gotemba Horse Trail Riding

Experience the beautiful views of Mount Fuji on horseback. As you explore through the scenery that changes with the seasons, challenge yourself to interact through ZEN with your partner horse and you will learn and become much closer with your horse and learn the joys of riding.