A Spectacular Tour of the Nature’s Delights During Hakone’s Long Hydrangea Season

The Hakone area’s terrain has varying elevations. This gives birth to Hakone’s notable feature of the long viewing period for hydrangeas. Starting in mid-June during the rainy season, you can enjoy hydrangeas in Hakone until late July in the higher elevation areas.
A popular mode of transport for exploring the area, the Hakone Tozan Train transforms into the "Hydrangea Train" during this time, showcasing vibrant hydrangeas along the route from Hakone-Yumoto Station to Gora Station. Along the way, you'll find museums with gardens featuring a collaboration of crystal glass hydrangeas and real hydrangeas, outdoor art museums where hydrangeas harmonize with art, picturesque resort hotels, and parks by Lake Ashi, providing plenty of opportunities for strolling even during the rainy season. Don’t miss out on experiencing the beauty of Hakone's hydrangeas that bloom for a long period together with the area’s unique scenery to your heart's content.

Endless hydrangeas along the train tracks/Hakone Tozan Train, Hydrangea Train

Along the Hakone Tozan Railway route from Hakone-Yumoto Station to Gora Station, colorful hydrangeas are lined up beside the tracks and the train passes through a dazzling scenery of blooming flowers. The peak viewing period lasts from around mid-June when flowers bloom near Hakone-Yumoto Station to late July when the last blossoms appear around Sounzan Station due to an elevation difference of nearly 400 meters influencing the timing of the peak bloom. Additionally, the appearance of the hydrangeas differs between the vibrant daytime view and the illuminated nighttime one, adding to their charm. During the peak viewing period, the "Hydrangea Train at Night" special reserved-seat train operates after nightfall, providing an opportunity to fully enjoy the hydrangeas amid a fantastical illuminated landscape.

~Hydrangea night light up~
Between June 14 (Friday)- June 30 (Sunday), 2024, 6:30 p.m.–10:00 p.m.
 *The hydrangea illumination can also be viewed from the regularly scheduled trains.

Plus, you can enjoy a stroll while admiring hydrangeas near Ohiradai Station along the railway, particularly if you follow the "Hydrangea Path." The hot spring town and the area along the railway tracks are adorned with countless hydrangeas, offering a delightful walking experience.

Spectacular hydrangeas in a French-style formal garden/Hakone Gora Park

Established in 1914, during the 3rd year of the Taisho era, Hakone Gora Park is Japan's first French-style formal garden, celebrating its 110th anniversary in 2024. Nestled amidst the mountains, this expansive park offers a feast for the senses with the surrounding nature and seasonal flowers. Known for its roses in addition to many other flowers, the park bursts into full bloom from late June to early July, with hydrangeas proudly adorning its pathways. During this time, the park also hosts a "Hydrangea Exhibition," where exhibits featuring hydrangea-themed artworks await you. Indulge in hydrangea-inspired sweets at the park's restaurants, and explore other facilities including a tropical botanical garden, tea house, and a few hands-on workshops. With its diverse offerings, Hakone Gora Park promises a delightful experience for visitors of all ages.

Stroll in a hydrangea garden overlooking Lake Ashi/Hotel de Yama

Located in one of the most scenic areas along Lake Ashi in Hakone, this full-scale resort hotel stands on the former estate of Baron Iwasaki Koyata, a prominent businessman active from the early 1900s to the 1940s. The hotel offers stunning views of Lake Ashi below and Mt. Fuji to the west, with expansive gardens that showcase the beauty of nature throughout the seasons. Known for its azalea displays in the garden, the hotel also features approximately 230 hydrangea plants of 25 varieties, which reach their peak bloom from mid- to late June. These hydrangeas line the "Hydrangea Path" along the lake and enhance the picturesque scenery of the rainy season. During this time, you can also enjoy the rose garden starting to bloom, as well as the lakeside restaurant and cafe, which we highly recommend.

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Discover the beauty of crystal hydrangeas/Hakone Venetian Glass Museum, The Hydrangea Garden

Hakone Glass no Mori Museum is Japan's first museum dedicated to Venetian glass. It showcases masterpieces spanning centuries to contemporary works. The garden within the museum features the "Hydrangea Garden," which boasts approximately 4500 hydrangea plants from about 70 species, including rare varieties. The early-blooming hydrangeas can be enjoyed from late May, while the late-blooming varieties are in full display until late August. In the "Hydrangea Falls" area, 400 Annabelle hydrangeas bloom simultaneously, creating a stunning scene that resembles a cascading waterfall. During this season, you can also experience a unique and enchanting display of crystal glass hydrangeas, "Hortensia," alongside the real hydrangeas, offering a dazzling and mysterious spectacle unlike any other.

Explore a delightful hydrangea park by Lake Ashi, once a retreat of the Imperial family/Onshi Hakone Park

Situated at the southeastern tip of Lake Ashi, Onshi Hakone Park occupies a peninsula-like area jutting out into the lake. The park was once the location of an imperial villa, making it a scenic spot with meticulously maintained grounds adorned with seasonal flowers. From early summer to early fall, the park bursts into bloom with beautiful hydrangeas. On clear days with crisp air, you can catch sight of Mt. Fuji beyond the lake and surrounding mountains, making it a renowned spot for Fuji viewing. Don’t miss out on the beauty of the park with its hydrangeas from early June to mid-September, all against the stunning backdrop of Lake Ashi. Additionally, the park features a lakeside observatory inspired by the former Western-style Hakone Imperial Villa, where visitors can enjoy scenic views and traditional matcha at the tea house “Ryokushian”.

Hydrangea-adorned contemporary art masterpieces/The Hakone Open Air Museum

Nestled within the picturesque natural landscape, Japan's first open-air art museum stands as a testament to beauty. Spanning an expansive 70,000 square meters, the museum proudly displays around 120 masterpieces by renowned figures like Rodin, embodying the essence of modern and contemporary art. Amongst the lush surroundings, a variety of hydrangeas, including Hydrangea macrophylla, Hydrangea paniculata, and Hydrangea serrata, dot the landscape. The flowers offer a delightful fusion of art and nature during their peak bloom from mid- to late June every year. The site boasts additional attractions such as the Picasso Pavilion, along with the Main Gallery showcasing exquisite sculptures from both modern and contemporary periods, complemented by a museum shop and café that ensure your enjoyment both indoors and out.