Suggested Itineraries

Suggested Itineraries

Enoshima & Kamakura 1 Day

Here we look at some excellent places to visit at elegant Kamakura and trendy Shonan. On this intinerary, take a stroll at your own pace, while enjoying the seaview from the Enoshima Electric Railway train.

Enoshima & Kamakura 1 Day


Shinjuku Station

Take the Limited Express Romancecar for approximately 60 minutes to Fujisawa Station. Transfer to the Enoshima Electric Railway and ride approximately 16 minutes.


1 Kamakurakoko-mae

Approximately 13 minutes on the Enoshima Electric Railway.


2 Hase Station

Look for souvenirs on Hase-dori Street.

Approximately 10 minutes on foot


3 Kotoku-in Temple

A gigantic, 11.312-meter-tall statue of Buddha greets you. The interior of the statue is hollow, and you can look inside.

Approximately 5 minutes from Hase Station on the Enoshima Electric Railway.


4 Kamakura Station

Take a stroll around the Komachi-dori, arguably the busiest street in Kamakura. Satisfying your appetite here with traditional Japanese foods or snacks such as croquettes and takoyaki is highly recommended.

Approximately 10 minutes on foot


5 Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gu Shrine

This historical building is a symbolic landmark of Kamakura, where dark green and the shrine's bright vermillion coexist in harmony. Designated as an Important Cultural Property of the country, the shrine has many must-see areas within the precinct such as the Maiden (Lower Worship Hall) and Hongu upper shrine.

Approximately 10 minutes on foot


6 Kamakura Station

Approximately 24 minutes on the Enoshima Electric Railway


7 Enoshima Station

There are many locations such as the Enoshima Aquarium and the Enoshima Sea Candle, where the mood of the sea can be felt.

Approximately 20 minutes on foot



Take a fun ride up to the top of a hill on the Enoshima Escar.

Approximately 5 minutes on foot, immediately on the Enoshima Escar


8 Enoshima Shrine

One approach to visiting the shrines on Enoshima is the following sequence. First, go to Hetsu-miya shrine, where prayers are led by priests, then Nakatsu-miya shrine, the shrine pavillions of which are beautifully colored, and finally Okutsu-miya shrine, where the happo-nirami (glaring in eight direction) turtle decorating the ceiling of the main hall is a sight not to be missed.

Approximately 5 minutes on foot after riding two of the Enoshima Escar escalators


9 Samuel Cocking Garden and Sea Candle

Take in the flowers and plants through the seasons at the Samuel Cocking Garden with its tropical feel. Also visit the glass-walled Sea Candle lighthouse, a symbol of Shonan, to enjoy a magnificient 360-degree view. The night view from this observation lighthouse area has been registered as a Japanese night view heritage.

You will enjoy some benefits if you display your pass at facilities marked with

Enoshima-Kamakura Freepass


10 Marudai Sensui

Enjoy a dinner of seafood from Sagami Bay. Among the recommendations are the sashimi meal, the baked clams and à la carte locally caught seasonal fish. (last order: 19:00)

Approximately 20 minutes on foot


11 Katase-Enoshima Station

Approximately 65 minutes on the Limited Express Romancecar


Shinjuku Station