Riding Our Trains

Riding Our Trains

Odakyu Line Train Status

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  • Odawara Line

    Odawara Line

    From Shinjuku to Odawara

  • Enoshima Line

    Enoshima Line

    From Sagami-Ono to Katase-Enoshima

  • Tama Line

    Tama Line

    From Shin-Yurigaoka to Karakida

Etiquette, Tips and Emergencies

On the Train

  • Conversation and the use of mobile phones on the train

    In Japan, it is not good manners to speak in a loud voice on the train. Please speak at a low level that does not disturb other passengers.
    Talking on a mobile phone on a train is also considered to be bad manners. Please turn off your phone when near priority seating if trains are busy. In all other areas and when the train is not busy, please set your phone to mute and refrain from taking phone calls.

  • Seating

    Please sit in your seat in such a way that as many passengers as possible can be seated.
    Priority seating is provided on all Odakyu cars except for the Limited Express Romancecar, which has reserved seating only.
    Please yield to to those who require a seat, including the elderly, injured and sick passengers, passengers with children, pregnant women and passengers with pacemakers.

  • Do not stay near the doors after boarding

    When getting on and off a train, passengers should stand near the doors. Once aboard, please move toward the middle of the car rather than staying near the doors.

  • Smoking

    Smoking is prohibited on all Odakyu trains. Please refrain from smoking while aboard.


  • Please refrain from rushing to board the train

    Rushing when boarding a train about to depart is extremely dangerous. Among the risks are you or your luggage getting caught between the doors. Instead of rushing aboard, wait for the next train.

  • Wait for the train behind the yellow lines

    Coming into contact with a train while moving is extremely dangerous. Please remain behind the yellow lines when waiting for the train.

  • Smoking

    Smoking is also prohibited in all Odakyu stations and trains. Please refrain from smoking.

  • Women-only cars

    For our passenger riding safety, we have created women-only cars.
    Note: In addition to girls and women, these cars may be also used by boys up through elementary school, physically disabled boys and men, and male caregivers.

    Women-only cars on the Odakyu Lines
    Trains with Women-only cars:
    10-car Rapid Express, commuter express and express trains traveling toward Shinjuku with an arrival time between 7:30 and 9:30 on weekdays
    Train intervals:
    Odawara → Shinjuku, Fujisawa → Shinjuku, Karakida → Shinjuku
    Train location:
    Last car in the Shinjuku direction (car no. 1)

    Women-only cars on the Chiyoda Line
    Trains with Women-only cars:
    Rapid Express, commuter express, semi-express and local trains leaving Yoyogi-Uehara Station between 7:10 and 9:30 on weekday mornings
    Note: Also the first train of the day leaving Yoyogi-Uehara on the Chiyoda Line
    Train intervals:
    From the first station bound for Shinjuku → Ayase Station (ending everywhere on the Chiyoda Line at 9:30)
    Train location:
    Last car in the Ayase direction (car no. 1)

    Note: The women-only restriction may be suspended if an irregularity occurs in the train schedule.

    Women-only cars bear the below sticker for easy identification.

    Women-only cars
    Indications differ by train company.
  • Rush hour

    On weekdays, trains bound for Shinjuku are extremely busy from around 7:30 to 10:30, as are trains from Shinjuku bound for Odawara and Katase-Enoshima between 17:00 and 21:00 in the evening. We recommend passengers with suitcases or other large items avoid these time periods or use a train with reserved seating (the Limited Express Romancecar).

  • If someone falls onto the rails…

    All Odakyu Line station platforms are equipped with an emergency stop button to notify approaching trains of an emergency. When this button is pressed, an emergency signal is transmitted to approaching trains, causing the emergency brakes to apply. (If a train is too close, the emergency brakes may not apply.)

    If someone falls onto the rails…
  • If there is a serious problem on the platform…

    Intercoms are installed at all stations to talk directly to the station staff in the station office for situations such as when someone on the platform is injured or a serious problem develops.

    If there is a serious problem on the platform…
  • If an emergency situation occurs on the train…

    All train cars are equipped with an emergency notification device near the car connection/wheelchair areas to alert the train crew. Most cars also have an emergency intercom system for speaking directly with the train crew.

    If an emergency situation occurs on the train…


Other FAQ

Can I bring a small animal, such as a dog or cat, onto the train?

Animals contained in a carrier within set dimensions can be brought aboard. The carrier must have a length no greater than 70 centimeters, a total length + width + height of 90 centimeters, and a maximum weight of 10 kilograms.

Can I bring a bicycle onto the train?

There is no baggage fee for doing so, but the bicycle must either be disassembled or folded and placed into a bicycle bag and may not disturb or trouble other passengers.