Exquisite Restaurants to Enjoy Your Lunch at in Kamakura

Kamakura, the former capital of the country. A place with a calm atmosphere and historical temples and shrines scattered everywhere. A popular tourist destination, with a collection of unique restaurants boasting unique flavors. Each of them offers a menu you won't find anywhere else, and lunch is not an exception.
Enjoy a full bowl of rice topped with fresh seafood caught in Sagami Bay, a long-established restaurant popular for its brand-name pork cutlets and fried seafood, special Italian cuisine at Kamakura's first old Japanese-style house restaurant, a restaurant where you can savor seasonal dishes and rice cooked in an earthenware pot that slowly draws out the flavor of the rice, or creative cuisine prepared by a female chef that is both beautiful to the eye and healthy for the body. Everything is prepared to let you savor the charm of the ancient city.

Keeping the Freshness While Preventing Food Loss
This Bowl of Rice with Fresh Fish is Limited in Quantity! / Kamakura Gotetsu

The store is located in the center of Kamakura, near Tsurugaoka Hachimangu and the raised path on the main avenue leading to this shrine, and adjacent to the popular Komachi Street. The restaurant is popular not only among seafood lovers, but also among those who are usually meat eaters, as they can enjoy a lavish bowl of fresh seafood. All ingredients are shipped directly from Odawara Hayakawa Fishing Port. The fresh, seasonal local fish freshly caught in Sagami Bay are exquisite! The restaurant features limited quantities to prevent food loss and maintain its attention to freshness, and will close for the day as soon as all the ingredients are gone, so lunch is the best time to visit.

But the reason behind its premium quality is not only the excellent seafood, but also the brand-name rice from Kanagawa, cooked with an original blend to suit the kaisendon (bowl of rice topped with seafood), and the unique blend of salty Aomori and sweet Ishikawa soy sauces.

The soup stock is a secret recipe carefully made from bonito, kelp, sea bream, and other ingredients.

Finishing the bowl of rice with "mago chazuke" (a local dish from Izu featuring fresh horse mackerel that is pounded and served on rice, and then topped with hot green tea) is another fun way to enjoy your meal. In order to maintain freshness, the restaurant only uses ingredients that are locally produced for local consumption, along with being seasonal and domestically grown. To make it even better, in addition to the kaisendon, there are excellent tempura and fried dishes that also utilize fresh ingredients.

Exceptional Pork Cutlets and Fried Seafood
Find the Storehouse with a Tiled Roof and a White Curtain / Kamakura Katsutei Aratama Souhonten

A storehouse on the corner of Wakamiya-oji intersection, on the avenue leading to Tsurugaoka Hachimangu. A refined, remodeled building that was once an old manju-selling store with a history of more than 100 years. The delicious and popular pork cutlets use brand-name pork from Nasu Kogen in Tochigi Prefecture. On this plateau with wonderful air and water, high-quality brands of pork are raised on corn feed, with fat that is slightly sweet and odorless. They purchase this meat from a butcher store they have known for a long time and fry them for a crispy and juicy texture. Its refreshing taste is loved by men and women of all ages.

The rice is made from Uonuma Koshihikari rice produced in Niigata Prefecture, which is an excellent match for tonkatsu. The water from melted snow in this heavy snowfall area is rich in minerals and produces high quality rice. The fluffy, glossy white rice is sweet, bursting with flavor and has an outstanding aroma. The counter seats in the restaurant are made of a single piece of gingko, the symbol of Kamakura, inlaid with the shape of a gingko leaf. Enjoy the exaltation of waiting for your food while listening to the delicious sound of cutlets being fried right in front of you! There is also a small tatami room and a private Japanese-style room where you can relax and unwind.

Kamakura’s First Restaurant in an Old Private House
Italian Cuisine and Rare Red Wine / ESSELUNGA

A restaurant located in a renovated 100-year-old house with an atmosphere reminiscent of the ancient capital of Kamakura. Here you can enjoy Italian cuisine in a Japanese-style home while you gaze out upon a garden full of various herbs. Their menu features fresh ingredients with an emphasis on local production and consumption, such as Kamakura’s vegetables and fresh seafood caught at nearby fishing ports.
The restaurant also focuses on pesticide-free vegetables and seasonings, in addition to offering dishes that utilize vegetables long rooted in Japan since ancient times. The restaurant offers peace of mind for those who may be vegan diners or have allergies, as they cater to you as well.

As courses are available for both lunch and dinner, allowing you to enjoy the unique flavors of the restaurant, why not settle for a lunch course as well?
There are three courses available: The “Lunch A Course,” which includes an appetizer, a fish or meat dish, and dolce; the “Lunch B Course,” which comes with an appetizer and your choice between a fish or meat dish; and the casual “Lunch C Course,” which includes an appetizer and choice of two kinds of pasta.

ESSELUNGA also directly imports a Chianti Classic unique to Japan directly from the source to provide the best pairing for the cuisine. Their attention to detail, from the building itself to the food served, creates a special atmosphere, and the restaurant is often used for weddings and anniversaries. “NATUDECO,” an organic cafe aimed towards vegans that serves both breakfast and lunch, and “Beau Temps,” a bar specializing in natural wines, are also located on the property.

Fluffy, Sweet and Savory Flavors
Taste the Wonderful Collaboration Between the Earthenware Rice and Several Ingredients / Kamakura Donabe Gohan Kaedena

A restaurant located on the second floor of a stylish building, very close to Hasedera. Make your order and enjoy the clay pot rice in which every ingredient is grilled over an open flame.

The clay pot's temperature rises slowly, so the sweetness and flavor of the rice is slowly brought out, making the rice cooked in this way exceptionally tasty. The rice is made from Koshihikari produced in Tamba-Sasayama, shipped directly from farmers, and cooked in a soup stock carefully made from kelp. The clay pot for one person mixes the fluffy rice with the flavors of the seasonal vegetables and seafood for a superb dish.

The simple design inside the shop provides the most suitable atmosphere for savoring the clay pot rice cooked with the finest ingredients for an umami flavor. An example of a menu item is the "Clay Pot Rice with Yellowtail Teriyaki Butter, Kamakura Cabbage, and Stewed Onion Soy Sauce", a dish in which the flavors of yellowtail and Kamakura cabbage, rich butter, and onion soy sauce complement each other to perfection. The lunch set menus include these clay pot rice dishes and a small side dish using seasonal ingredients and local vegetables, all of which are carefully prepared and delicious.

A View of the Enoden and Flowers Blooming Every Season
Tasty and Healthy Food / Sabou Sorahana

The restaurant faces a garden where you feel as if you are surrounded by trees. The Enoden can be seen running right in front. Enjoy carefully crafted Japanese cuisine in a world full of poetic inspiration. Every single dish created by the female owner looks good, tastes good, and it’s healthy as well. The menu, which focuses on seasonal and local ingredients, includes dishes such as "seasonal takikomi-gohan (rice cooked with seasonal vegetables)" and "renkon-mochi (lotus root rice cake) bowls" that are sure to please your body! The "deep-fried turban snail," which looks like a slice of the ocean, is a gem that can only be found here.

During tea time between lunch and dinner, it is possible to enjoy sweets unique to the store. Japanese and Western sweets are arranged in a paulownia wood box, looking like a beautiful painting. Not only its appearance is excellent, but its flavor is also outstanding. The shaved ice is made with natural Nikko ice from Tokujiro IV, which is said to be the hardest and clearest ice in the world. The food and sweets are prepared using ingredients that have been carefully prepared with time and care, without neglecting its appearance. Savor the feeling of calmness and relaxation.