Panoramic views from high above Tokyo ~A comfortable hotel with breathtaking views~

Odakyu Hotel Century Southern Tower is located in Odakyu Southern Tower in Shinjuku, one of Tokyo’s leading districts. The hotel features spectacular views of Tokyo and its twinkling nightscape from 100 meters above the ground. In addition, it is only a 3-min walk from the South Exit of Shinjuku Station, and the hotel’s proximity to the huge terminal station is a great advantage for sightseers and business travelers with limited time. The hotel, which has a high rate of repeat visitation, offers both wonderful views and comfort. It faces Shinjuku Southern Terrace, a wide promenade, and stands in a relaxed, spacious environment.

1st floor entrance where shuttle buses arrive and depart

Lobby and front desk on the 20th floor

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The charms of our guestrooms, designed to prioritize comfortable accommodation in addition to the view

Another major attraction of the hotel, in addition to its location, are the breathtaking views from the 20th floor, where the lobby and front desk can be found, and from the guestrooms on the 22nd through 35th floors. The 375-room hotel offers five types of guestrooms, all of which provide impactful views of the buildings and park greenery from their windows. For example, the Scenic King and Twin Rooms look out over Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, a beautiful park that serves as an urban oasis. In spring, Shinjuku Gyoen is a popular spot for cherry blossom viewing, and it is fun to gaze at the cherry blossoms below blanketed with mist. These guestrooms are popular with families with children and railway fans, as they offer a view of the many trains arriving at and departing from JR Shinjuku Station directly below.

View from a Scenic Type Room (for illustration purposes)

In addition, the Executive Double and Twin Rooms, special guestrooms of which only two are available, are located on the 35th floor, the highest floor of the hotel, and offer a variety of beautiful views of Tokyo. Since each room type has a different view, some returning guests prefer to reserve their favorite room of the same type each time they stay, while others prefer to upgrade with each stay. The interiors of the rooms are also peaceful and relaxing, decorated with an emphasis on the warmth of wood. All rooms are kept functional and clean, free of anything unnecessary, to ensure spaciousness, even the bathrooms. Although located in the urban center of Shinjuku, the guestrooms are on high-rise floors, far from the bustle of the city, enabling guests to unwind, recover from their travel fatigue, and enjoy a bit of coziness. All rooms are also equipped with AI speakers, and a multilingual chatbot is available for your convenience.

Scenic Twin Room (for illustration purposes)

Guestrooms are supplied with stainless steel tumblers instead of bottled mineral water. Guests can help themselves to as much water as they like from the purified water dispensers (offering room temperature and cold water) installed on each floor for drinking and boiling, or they can fill their own portable tumblers with water from the dispenser to carry with them out of the hotel. Guests from overseas and other guests seeking to reduce plastic waste will be pleased that they do not have to purchase bottled water.

Water dispensers are installed on every floor

Another unique feature of the hotel is that many of its guests are repeat visitors. The hotel is also a pioneer in the field of lodging-focused accommodations, in which high-quality guest rooms are coupled with well-balanced and functional services. Ever since its opening, the hotel has maintained its hospitality philosophy of “providing comfort to those who enter and happiness to those who depart,” a philosophy that has remained unchanged to this day. Upon entering the hotel, many guests have enjoyed the hotel’s thoughtfulness and consideration, and have left feeling satisfied, as evidenced by the high ratings the hotel has received on various domestic and international review and reservation sites. We invite you to spend your trip to Japan in the best lodging environment available.

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Enjoy cuisine made with a focus on locally produced and locally consumed ingredients, along with a spectacular view

Southern Tower Dining Bar

The restaurants and lounges in the hotel are also popular among non-staying guests. Southern Tower Dining on the 20th floor offers a bar area, serving casual dishes, and a restaurant area, suitable for celebrating anniversaries, separated into different zones within a single establishment, making it usable for a variety of different occasions.

Southern Tower Dining Restaurant

Incidentally, Southern Tower Dining is committed to local production for local consumption as a means of working toward the SDGs, and uses many fresh and delicious vegetables from the suburbs of Tokyo. The chef personally visits fields in the suburbs to interact with growers and the produce that they create in order to offer dishes featuring even more outstandingly delicious vegetables.

If you wish to enjoy Japanese cuisine, we recommend Yurakucho Kakida on the 19th floor. This sushi restaurant serves sushi as well as teppanyaki made using carefully selected Wagyu beef, and is reputed to be the hardest restaurant to get a reservation for in Japan. The restaurant also offers the pleasure of fully enjoying the seasonal flavors of Tokyo within the hotel.

Located in a peaceful environment and convenient for shopping!

A pleasant strolling promenade called Shinjuku Southern Terrace can be found just outside of the hotel building, and the area is also famous for its decorative illumination in winter.
The area across the promenade is lined with commercial complexes that contain DIY stores and large bookstores, including Shinjuku Takashimaya Department Store, Nitori, Kinokuniya, and more. In addition, within a 5-to-10-min walk from the promenade, you can also find Flags, a shopping mall featuring GAP, and other shops, as well as ZARA, Don Quijote Discount Store, IKEA, UNIQLO, Bic Camera and other mega electronics stores. High-end brands such as Gucci and Prada are also available nearby. The hotel is also within walking distance of Kabukicho, a popular tourist spot. In addition to strolling as you enjoy shopping, you can also take advantage of the hotel’s superb location next to the Kabukicho Expressway Bus Terminal. We hope that you have a comfortable stay and enjoy both the spectacular views and excellent accessibility.

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