Enoshima/Kamakura - Accommodations Featuring the Sea, History, and Healing

The Katase-Enoshima Station building looks like a dragon's palace, as the sea spreads out around it, and the island of Enoshima itself is green. Or there’s Kamakura, the ancient seaside city of temples and shrines. A different world spreads out in the area very close to the center of the city. Among the many accommodations in Kamakura, we have carefully selected hotels that boast ocean views, modern hotels that pursue healing, historic pure Japanese-style inns, and spa resorts where you can enjoy modern-day hot-spring cures. This is inclusive of other facilities with stories that create a fresh stay unlike any other.

A Hotel Themed After Natural Wellness and Healing / BREATH HOTEL

From Shonan Kaigan Park right in front of the hotel, gaze out upon Sagami Bay from the guest rooms. In addition to an outstanding ocean view, the room interiors will soothe your body and soul through their use of natural materials. In addition to this, massage chairs, 40-inch large-screen TVs, air purifiers, humidifiers, and other amenities are provided in the rooms. You can enjoy an assortment of amenities from a variety of brands, including high-end cosmetics from Japan and abroad, making for a comfortable hotel stay.

Ocean Premium Suite

Ground ENOSHIMA Twin

Meals can be ordered in-room, 24 hours a day, or you can take a 3-minute walk to enjoy organic grilled dishes at a partner restaurant nearby. Just a short walk from the beach and Enoshima Aquarium, at BREATH HOTEL, you can enjoy the view of the ocean during the daytime, the view of Mt. Fuji on a clear day, the sunset that colors the ocean at dusk, and the shining Enoshima Sea Candle(lighthouse observation tower) at night.

A Famous Historic Island Inn with a Spectacular View of the Sea and Mt. Fuji / Iwamotoro Honkan

The inn has flourished as lodging for shoguns and feudal lords visiting Enoshima Shrine and others since the Kamakura period (1185-1333), along with acting as the setting for many novels and plays. Today, it’s a pure Japanese-style inn popular among the younger generation for its spectacular view of Mt. Fuji and the waters of Enoshima.

A dramatic and mysterious experience is available through the "Iwamotoro Roman Bath," built in the early Showa period (1920s) and registered as a Tangible Cultural Property, and the "Ben-Ten Goddess Cave Bath," a rare bathhouse in Japan dedicated to Benzaiten.

At this Japanese-style inn or “ryokan,” guests can enjoy kaiseki cuisine using seafood from Sagami Bay. Limited to summer, a swimming pool facing the cove is available as well. The view of Sagami Bay, Mt. Fuji, and the sunset can be seen from all throughout the building, and the small cove behind the building is full of charm.

A Spa Resort with a Fantastic View of Mt. Fuji / Enoshima Island Spa, Enoshima Hotel

Located at the entrance to Enoshima, the Western-style "Enoshima Island Spa" offers natural hot springs (nude bathing) and eleven types of swimming pools (swimsuits needed, shared by both men and women). The outdoor "open-air pool" (closed from October to March) and the indoor "Fujimiyu" bath offer spectacular views of the waters around Shonan and Mt. Fuji. The 17-room "Enoshima Hotel," only a 2-minute walk from the island and the only one with Western-style guest rooms there, opened in 2020. In addition to day-trip bathing, overnight stays are also possible.

The restaurant overlooks the Shonan coastline and serves dishes made with locally grown ingredients. The facility also offers traditional Japanese onsen therapy, “Touji,” for healing of both body and soul.

Wake Up to a Wonderful Ocean View! / Kamakura Prince Hotel

Located on a gently sloping hill that overlooks the Sagami Bay, all 97 guest rooms look out on the ocean at Shichirigahama Beach. Also, guests can also enjoy ocean views from rooms facing the horizon across Sagami Bay, and rooms overlooking the bay, Enoshima, and Mt. Fuji.

Through its large windows with ocean views, the hotel restaurant also offers French cuisine. You can also enjoy teppanyaki, kaiseki, soba, and other Japanese dishes, as well as a cafe lounge at the Japanese restaurant. In addition, there is a shared bicycle station in the hotel parking lot, so you can cycle along the coast or go sightseeing in the neighborhood. The hotel is conveniently located for those who want to explore the ancient capital of Kamakura, with its natural and historical attractions, and it offers a comfortable hotel stay that will relieve any fatigue from your travels.

Built in an Area Associated with the Minamoto Clan that Established the Kamakura Shogunate / GEN Hotel Kamakura

The hotel is located near Tsurugaoka Hachimangu, which is one of the most popular tourist spots in Kamakura, and stands along the "Dankazura," or the pathway to the shrine. The approach is lined with cherry blossom trees, making it a popular viewing spot in spring. It’s believed the hotel site is the former residence of Hojo Tokifusa, the brother-in-law of Minamoto no Yoritomo, who founded the Kamakura shogunate, and a Torii gate, an Inari shrine, and a well have been recreated on the site.

The hotel's name "GEN" is derived from "Genji," which essentially means a family with the surname of Gen. Although the hotel is compact with only 15 rooms, each of the rooms are named after generals such as "YORITOMO" and "SANETOMO," and this allows guests to experience the history of the ancient city of Kamakura.

Many room variations exist, such as the family type with a compact kitchen and a Japanese modern type with tatami mats. The rooftop on the 4th floor is a terrace where you can enjoy a drink while taking in the surrounding townscape.

A Photogenic Hotel with Sauna And Events / 8 HOTEL SHONAN FUJISAWA

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced and comfortable place to stay in a Japanese beach town, this is the place for you. There are 100 guest rooms, ranging from stylish to basic, with a sauna and other facilities available.

The authentic spa, which can be enjoyed in swimsuits, is designed to resemble a water cave and boasts photogenic spots throughout. It’s equipped with a sauna, relaxation pool, and hot and cold baths. There’s also a beach house-like outdoor bathing space on the rooftop.

In addition to a lounge with food and drinks, there is also a kitchen for simple cooking. In the morning, enjoy a colorful buffet with soup, salad, or any combination of your choosing. In addition to being conveniently located only a 2-minute walk from the station, it is also close to Kamakura and Enoshima, making it convenient for sightseeing.